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  1. if they could patch in a feature that shows your current number values of thirst/hunger/sleep on your character sheet like for example right next to your current/total health that would be awesome too, cause then I would feel more confident while playing without HUD
  2. Is anybody else having an issue with the hitbox of one-handed weapons? Specifically the backswing on faster weapons, like for example suppertime is a weapon I have used a lot, and the first strike always connects, the backswing never does, even if I am right on top of the enemy, I have had this issue with other one-handed items, but suppertime seems the worst, to the point that I had to stop using it
  3. https://theouterworlds.wiki.fextralife.com/Grimm's+Tossball+Blocker So I don't know how trustworthy this wiki is, but it claims that Grimm; the man who greets you at the port of stellar bay, requesting for you to get his poster for him , is supposed to give you a unique tossball blocker as a reward, but as we all know, he just gives us a pro tossball blocker, so if this claim is true, it would be very nice to get this unique I am sure that plenty of players including myself want to get their hands on every unique they can, please bump this post so devs can look into it, thankyou
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