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  1. I'm aware of women being depicted more favorably than men in this game. But as a man, I'm fine with it -- the same way I'm fine with women holding a majority of positions in some professions (such as psychology). The reason is that men aren't necessarily deprived of opportunities in those areas. When people say "equality," they really mean the opportunities available to them. Nothing is ever fifty-fifty in life, but you can provide people with EQUAL ACCESS to the opportunities -- that's what equality should be really about. The NBA has mostly black players, but do you see white players co
  2. I just started playing The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos, and I'm seeing blurry maps regularly like this. My PC is fast enough to play at 3840x2160 resolution and 50-60 frames per second. What could be causing the maps to load so slowly? It's like I'm on a 28.8k modem connection when I open a map.
  3. Well then, maybe it's time for you to play at supernova difficulty. My companions make quick work of the enemies and sometimes I don't even have to fire a shot. So I also have a huge stockpile of ammo and health items, and I'm considering supernova. Consumables are NOT pointless. Some of them boost your attributes like perception, strength, etc. (which can't be leveled up) so you can pass dialog checks if you need to. Those science weapons may be low-level or useless, but they add "flavor" to the world and are part of the satire of the game. Every useless item has a funny description tha
  4. It's going to be confused with Unavowed, an point-and-click adventure game by Wadjet Eye that was pretty well-received.
  5. When a game lets you freely save your game, you should save as much and often as you can. PC gamers are used to this. It is the console players who usually aren't used to keeping a bunch of saved games, or unable to.
  6. When the main game started, Hawthorne died. When the first DLC started, Lucky died. It's easy to guess how the second DLC will start, especially with "murder" in the title.
  7. And I'm seeing other Epic players already playing Eridanos. So what am I missing? I already downloaded the 11GB update earlier today, but the Erdanos DLC isn't showing in the Epic launcher under Outer Worlds -> Manage Add-ons. And it's still showing I have only one add-on for Outer Worlds. On the main menu of the game, Murder on Eridanos is greyed out and has no green checkmark. I already finished Peril on Gorgon. At this point I've completed all quests except Brave New World (main game's final quest). When I bought the expansion pass, Peril on Gorgon was available right away. What
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