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  1. @Jackalgirl Thanks for your thoughts Jackalgirl. I think you raise some excellent points here, the best of which I believe was to remind me that, of course, my argument is based entirely on my own interpretation of what I believe to be a message delivered by the game, which was filtered through my own subjective experience and that I may be (and in fact, likely am) projecting my own meaning onto it and subsequently misinterpreting the actual themes that were intended to be discussed by the script authors. It is a salient point to raise and I appreciate you making it in such a polite way. It wo
  2. I think you have missed the point of my argument (which is somewhat ironic given that in your reply you express that my comparison lacked nuance but there we go haha, jkjk). The point that I was making was as follows; similarly to the audience *in* Inglorious and by extension the audience *of* inglorious, TOW seems to revel in the defeat of an enemy. In the case of inglorious, the enemy for the audience inside the film were the allies, the enemy of the audience of the film were the axis powers or specifically the Nazi's (it could have been any enemy for all I care, but this is the only fil
  3. I would like to preface this post by pointing out that I'm a woman and I'd prefer if we could keep the personal attacks and character assumptions to an absolute minimum here. So this is my first time playing through TOW and to begin with I found the balance of male to female leading roles refreshing. I was surprised to find a number of matriarchal characters present in the universe and for there to be a healthy depiction of female relationships throughout the dialogue and broader narrative in the game. I still find this a refreshing aspect of the narrative of this unique and fun game howe
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