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  1. Good and helpful post - thank you @Fence. I'm bumping up against this in my current playthrough. Solution Vital. Lame there's no other solution than to walk up shooting guns. I even tried luring the bandits into all the nearby primal nests, get two groups of enemies fighting each other, rescue the guy while they're busy, classic "clean hands" solution. I can (barely) get the two groups together both attacking me but somehow they seem completely unaware of each others' existence.
  2. Now that the game has been released, I am bumping my own thread (sorry) since players should be able to answer it now. Can UI elements be turned off? Thanks for reading
  3. Thanks for the reply. What you are describing is a toggle, which is what I do not want. I want to hold the button down to remain crouched, then lift my finger off the button to stand up again. This is "hold to crouch", a traditional format for mouse and keyboard first person PC games. I am a PC player
  4. I like to eliminate clutter on my screen, and I like to remove "helper UI" stuff. At a glance, I don't need or want: The compass Quest markers in the game world The current mission objective window Floating "red flags" over enemies Enemy names Enemy HP bars Flying numbers when I shoot stuff My ammo counter ZXCF ability activation icons Companion health bars Other control reminders My health and stamina bars if I haven't been wounded/tired lately (let them "fade" when not in use) All of this just gets between me an
  5. Simple UI question: can I HOLD the crouch button instead of toggle? If not, how long will it take to patch in this basic UI option? Thank you Obsidian, looking forward to the game
  6. Does anybody know - is it possible to swap in custom art for the rest of the party, not just your main character? I can't stand the fact that Calisca faces 90° to the side when every other portrait ever is a 3/4 or straight ahead view. I found a painting of a similar-looking woman and I want to substitute it in. It would also be nice just to have the option for other NPCs in case I would prefer different portraits for them as well. (Not that the art in the game is bad or anything; most of it looks great.) Please let me know if this is possible. Thanks.
  7. I usually don't read out loud that often when playing a single-player CRPG anyway. They could call it the XQQHHWood for all I care.
  8. Yeah, if they wanted to pacify "realists", they could certainly make up a magic genie box or whatnot. Doesn't matter to me either way. Can't really trump a human GM. Haha, yeah. I remember discovering encumbrance rules after YEARS of playing AD&D 1st Edition. Hey guys, there are rules for this, I guess we should start keeping track. There was so much stupid BS in that DM's Guide that never saw the light of day in any of my campaigns. I think we tried using it for a few sessions and then just forgot about it. Not really fun. On the other hand, just reducing the value of
  9. I haven't played the beta, but want to go on record. I like being able to control my characters' speed. Sprinting like a group of escaped maniacs everywhere is irritating. It feels wrong in town, especially indoors, and it also ruins the atmosphere in spooky dungeons and so forth. I hope that 'stealth mode' or whatever doubles as a reasonable walking speed. Apropos of nothing, Wasteland 2 had a bit of a flap about this and it was ultimately decided to put a walk toggle in. It does nothing but slow the characters down. I for one am quite happy about that
  10. I suppose it's a question of how "organic" or natural it feels to the gameplay. The resting/spells parallel is a good one, because like a finite inventory, it provides periodic downtime and reassessment of my party's readiness. When I go through a dungeon, it makes sense to me to pace myself, keep track of my hit points and how many spells I have left. These things matter; they're the basic resources I "spend" and must replenish to progress. They matter all the time. A very limited inventory is also very natural and organic. If I can only carry 2 things, it comes up a lot and is feels
  11. Good post db, and I see that point of view. That works for players who are inclined to visit the shop frequently anyway, but to me going to sell is a chore. If I forget to do my chore I am grounded and not allowed to have the fun. I still believe that inventory management is better as all or nothing. When space is unlimited, I don't have to worry about it. When space is small and limited, I have to worry about it, but in a fun way that is a constant challenge, a basic part of gameplay. A huge but limited inventory encourages me to not think about it that much and Hoover everything in
  12. The developers should. They should have an idea in mind of the kind of experience they're trying to create, and then design to encourage that experience. It's all very well for devs to just throw a bunch of systems out there and let the player do whatever they want, but in many cases this creates situations where the most mechanically rewarding behavior is also the most boring. Players who don't like boring things end up feeling cheated, and players who want the reward at any cost end up "grinding" boring behavior to get the cookie. If you like to grind and do other boring things, go
  13. Aha! Thanks aluminiumtrioxid! Don't worry, I didn't ask because of you
  14. I can't find the Ignore button anywhere here on the forum. All I found was a 10 year old thread saying that the functionality was coming soon. Am I missing it? Where is it? Thanks in advance
  15. I think I'll love the idea now, and then completely forget about it in 4 months because it doesn't bother me any more. That's much better than being constantly annoyed by it. Micro inventory management can be great in a survival type game, but in a context like this, there's just no reason for it - it doesn't add anything. It doesn't make for interesting choices. All it does is encourage play where you assiduously make periodic trips to a merchant to ensure that you have plenty of free space in your backpack at all times. If you neglect to do so, you get that annoying moment where you
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