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  1. OK. I am definitely one of these purists. I feel like the combat design of PoE would suit TB combat much better. I am also one of those players who never used scripts in the IE games and enjoyed it. The combat in IE games was much more suitable for real time with pause. I hope they tweak the current combat system instead of switching to TB.
  2. I personaly like that fighters, rogues etc. do not feel like a summon, well no even most summons offered more choices than those classes in BG. I always hated the fighter in BG because it was a autoattack bot. Edit: The BB fighter has two active abilites in the beta. What is wrong with the fighter feeling auto-attackish?
  3. I agree. To make gameplay fun I feel like the devs need to remove the fighter/ranger/rogue abilities OR add really good party AI (with customization). I'd prefer to simplify the classes though.
  4. The ping pong delay is pretty interesting. I'd like stereo delay more.
  5. There was stats rolling in BG; you could defo had a crappy character who sucked at everything and also a really gifted character who was good at everything.
  6. Before we start tuning a lot of values, we need to get the basic bugs fixed. The next update to the BB should clear out the most frustrating aspects of simply selecting, moving, and executing commands reliably. Then we can look at overall combat speed tuning, among other things. Sounds good. I don't mind the combat speed as long as the game feels responsive. Starcraft 2 is a pretty good example where fast tempo combat actually feels really good just because how responsive the game is. In Baldur's Gate 2 the game speed was just too slow - I always crank the FPS up in the config just s
  7. I honestly don't care much about the naming of stats as long as players have an intuitive feel or a nearly intuitive one. The point is to make something that is fun and enjoyable, not a chore or math homework (though the math isn't too tough to calculate out, not everyone is good at grinding numbers and spitting out hollow dreams). Imnmersion is a fickle thing that usually doesn't pose a problem if you're having fun playing the game. I wont be having fun playing the game if I don't feel immersed into it. In my case, and many others, immersion = fun.
  8. Only I who dislike the magic words in spell casting? Feels cliche.
  9. Well said. This is really just a small slice of the game and music. Personally I find that game music sticks (or not) with me when I play a game a ton. When I played Skyrim for the first 10 hours, I would have been hard pressed to recall a single melody or phrase. But after 80 hours, I hear the music and it brings back good memories of the game. Ears have muscle memory, and it takes bit of time for that to sink in. For what its worth, I've been composing music as a ghost writer for many years. A couple american TV shows you may or may not heard of, Nikita, Eleventh Hour, Tomorrow Pe
  10. The information and answers given from Sawyer about items, crafting and enchanting in this thread sounds really good. 1 step closer to a masterpiece.
  11. Hahaha. :D True dat. If you adjusted the bonus scale for D&D's attribute system to go from -1 at 3 and +1 at 20, you would get the same outcome you're talking about, though -- and that would be a balance issue, not a fundamental mechanical issue. It may be that Might grants too little of a bonus from point to point, it may be that wizards' spells simply do so much damage that a low bonus doesn't have a large impact on their viability, or it could be something else. Josh, one of the things that I think you aren't taking into account when dealing with PoE numbers in genera
  12. I agree totally. That doesn't mean that lore items with history should be rare. You can have a crappy dagger that has a cute description; still much more interesting than a Sword +1 that you just crafted.
  13. I see your point. I just feel like the best way to do it is to make the "generalist/specialist"-spectrum fit the lore.
  14. Thanks for the answer. Is it possible to finish the game without crafting/enchanting? I feel like both the 2 Witcher games forced the player into crafting, which is something I disliked. In Bethesda games and FNV I feel like it was made optional, which gave the game more depth without taking away immersion/gameplay for those who disliked crafting.
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