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  1. No question, 6 wizards with max might. Musculomancers for the win! EDIT: Myomancer sounds better.
  2. Wikipedia basically said the exact same thing I said. Metagaming is using knowledge found outside the game. You're not using the term correctly. The term you want is powergaming or exploitation. Here is Wikipedia's definition for the term you are looking for: Powergaming (or power gaming) is a style of interacting with games or game-like systems with the aim of maximising progress towards a specific goal, to the exclusion of other considerations such as (in video games, boardgames, and roleplaying games) storytelling, atmosphere and camaraderie. Due to its focus on the letter of the rules over the spirit of the rules, it is often seen as unsporting, un-fun, or unsociable. This behaviour is most often found in games with a wide range of game features, lengthy campaigns or prize tournaments such as role-playing, massively multiplayer or collectible games.[1]
  3. Indeed. You get XP at the end, which factors in how difficult getting to the end was. So basically, you get delayed kill xp, because there's not option to sneak the entire party through the whole dungeon.
  4. Nope, you're the one that doesn't understand the term. Metagaming is playing the system, not playing the game. In Baldur's Gate it would look like this: A) Violent -- You kill people as part of the quest, you get fat loot, you get 1300 XP for killing bandits, and 1000 XP for removing the tyrant from the throne, totalling 2300 XP. B) Pacifist -- You take the pacifist path, you miss out on fat loot, you implicate the tyrant, guards take him away. You get 1000 XP for removing the tyrant, plus 500 XP for finding the unorthodox solution, plus some item better than what you'd get by going on a rampage to make up for the loot and XP. C) Metagaming - You take Path B first so you get the better item, and 1500 XP. Then you go back to kill everyone for the extra 1300XP, and all the loot. You do this not because this is what a reasonable person would do in the universe, but because 2800 XP > 2300 XP > 1500 XP, and Big Item + Random Loot > Big Item > Random loot. That's exploitation, or powergaming, not metagaming. Meta is a Greek prefix that means higher. In the case of metagaming, higher refers to higher knowledge found outside of playing the game. The situation you describe does not require any higher knowledge that the game doesn't provide. Just because a term is fancy, doesn't mean it applies.
  5. 1) So don't grind for money. Or pick better targets, like the Skaen Cultists. 2) Keyword: currently. This is a beta. Also, do you really expect to go to a merchant and go "Hey there bub, I got 6 beetle shells here, how bout you trade me them shiny magical boots for the lot? If you want to trade a crappy item for a good one, you'll need a lot of those crappy items. But you can trade 3-4 shells and get a rope and grappling hook, or camping supplies. That's a fair trade in my book. Pick better targets? There's currently very little picking involved. Every step you take in the wilderness, you trip over packs of ravenous beasts. Dungeons are the same way obviously. No kill xp was meant to make combat optional. In practice, it just means you still have to kill everything, you just don't get any xp.
  6. So basically you admit that quest xp makes as little sense from a roleplaying perspective as kill xp. Why did you bring up that argument in the first place then? I don't think you understand what the term "metagaming" means. Anticipating xp rewards from kills for level up is just plain old gaming. Metagaming would be anticipating quest rewards because you have already done the quest or read about the quest in a walkthrough.
  7. And how, exactly, does stabbing beetles make you better at lockpicking? You're just regurgitating arguments that have been shot down in every other thread on this same subject. At least think through your own reasoning before posting stuff, dude. This is rich. You're using an argument that applies to ALL XP systems to denigrate kill xp. That's idiotic because this game uses an XP system, so you're basically saying this game makes no sense according to you.
  8. Except that loot currently sucks too, so we don't even have that. Beetle shell gets you 50cp. New boots cost 5000cp. Hooray, 99 more beetles to go. Now we're grinding for money instead of xp, which is even worse.
  9. Actually, giving xp for combat makes the MOST sense from a roleplaying perspective. Of course killing a lot of things will make you better at killing other things. It's called practice. What does NOT make sense from a roleplaying perspective is getting xp from a quest where you used stealth to complete the objectives, then putting points into your axe skill.
  10. The game as it currently stands is truly a "Trial of Grinding" because you still have to wade through tons of enemies, but now you're not rewarded for it.
  11. That's cause the quest log is bugged and experience is not always being properly reported for some reason. Once they fix the log and the reporting issues it will be fairly easy to tell when you have gained exp. I don't care about knowing when I have received xp, I want to know when I WILL receive xp and exactly how much. If you kill one rat and you get 50 xp, then you know that you have to kill X more rats to level up. It's not possible to anticipate like this with quest xp unless it's a replay and you have all quest xp rewards memorized.
  12. Sounds like you prefer this system, you just want it improved. I want this poll to be simple. Do you want kill xp or not?
  13. We're not beta testing the future. We're beta testing what the devs gave us to beta test.
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