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  1. What is the name of asset with missing texture? How to figure it out? You can observe this anomaly by standing there and quicksave and quickload game.
  2. Ok, I've found a location of this new mainmenu graphic. It's in sharedassets12.assets file and it's called "mainMenu_bg_PX2.png". Sadly there is an animation as well on main menu (snowflakes, steam etc) which I don't know how to get rid of. That's all I can do for now. EDIT: Ok, I did it. KOTOR style Instructions: 1. Open resources.assets with Unity Assets Bundle Extractor. 2. Find those textures: mainMenu_bg_PX2 - image background from White March fx_blobs01 - snow flakes fx_smoke_plume_burst_02 - smoke which looks weird without snowy background (yo
  3. It's a little sad that we cannot enter locations on the map where we stand atm (like go to deck on the ships). It would be cool to enter forests, deserts, shores etc as random generated locations. Ingame locations like forests dissapears as soon as we clear em and game looks so empty after exploration.
  4. Yes, I know there is a walk toggle key. The problem is the game don't remember that I hit this key after game load.
  5. Hello, 1. I wish to set default zoom level a little bit closer do character. (it resets every time I leave area, load game etc). 2. I wish to set my character to walk as default (it's run by default and it resets everty time I load game). Is there a cfg file to set those options? I really need it. Best regards, Peter
  6. Haha you sounds like: Hey dont improve my game! Dont listen to this dude Devs
  7. Hello guys and thx for cool game, I wish to report: 1. When wearing heavy armor and cape there is a clipping issue (see screenshot below) http://s14.postimg.org/vrz21i3rj/2015_04_14_00001.jpg 2. There are neverending rainfalls in some locations like Gilded Vale and some forest locations. It's raining nonstop there, stuck maybe?
  8. Hello I just want to tell that day/night cycle is very good in PoE, but I can't stand this static weather. In Baldur's Gate rain or snow may or may be not happen depending on some random factors. In PoE there are locations with neverending rains like Gilded Vale for example etc. Devs, are you plan to add dynamic weather to PoE? Please... this game will be perfect crpg with dynamic weather.
  9. Any plans to improve this? Maybe add walk key for example, not just stealh arround?
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