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  1. I've only run into minor bugs that had work-arounds that didn't hinder my progress in the game. The companion AI can seem a bit wonky. But overall, I have no problems with the game and am enjoying it thus far. For what its worth, as far as difficulty, I think that as long as you choose a setting that fits, its fine - make sure the settings don't downscale difficulty for your level. Some of the "Blessings" in the game don't do much to change the difficulty - rather they help you get started more quickly (such as starting money). But if you are looking for difficulty, prob best to avoi
  2. So, we were told that we could name some islands... but I forgot about that. So when the popup came up, I accidentally hit cancel... but the island still got named "Island Name"... it is written that way on my map. And it is... sad. Is there a way to rename an island? Or am I stuck with it? (sadly, I immediately boarded the ship and went to deck... so the autosaves are not the right ones anymore).
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