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Found 2 results

  1. Greetz everyone, I read a German review saying that some of the new companions in Deadfire are rather shallow, with the notable exception of Xoti. But Tekehu was called "annoying", for example. I cannot play the game myself at the moment due to strict time constraints. But I would like to know this. In your opinion, are some of the new companions in Deadfire shallow and if so which ones? I hope you can diminish my worries! If you want to go into detail about a companion for explaining your opinion: Mild spoilers are okay. Please put heavier spoilers into spoiler tags though. Thanks, Fluffle. PS: Generally I'm interested in all new companions about this topic. But I'm especially interested in Tekehu. Also everything is relative of course. So comparisons to Baldur's Gate 2 or Dragon Age and Mass Effect games (minus Andromeda) would be appreciated.
  2. Based on what you guys know so far (I haven't bothered to read / view any PR stuff released so far), will someone like me be able to enjoy Mass Effect 4 under the following partially contradicting premises: - Loves traditional RPGs as well as action games (previous ME were partially ok) - Loves well written characters (romance does not matter either way, character related quests do) - Loves good story of a personal nature (not necessarily focused on saving the world, but impact on surroundings is nice) - Loves sci fi (mainly either optimistic like Star Trek or pessimistic like some post apocalyptic stuff, previous ME were partially ok) - Loves good graphics (previous ME had their moments) - Loves good music (previous ME had their moments) - Loves games that let you breathe and enjoy (previous ME failed) - Loves games that ask difficult questions and allows to solve things according to own moral standards (previous ME failed) - Loves peaceful solutions (previous ME failed mostly) - Loves to build things (like upgrading ship / stronghold with actual effect on something and branching decisions, both ME and PoE sort of tried but failed in my eyes) - Loves depth in character progression and resulting play style (previous ME failed partially) - Loves consistent quality (previous ME failed spectacularly) - Hates being forced to play military guy (ME 1 & 3) - Hates to play through a string of situations where there is no choice (most missions in ME series so far) - Hates to be suggested choice when there is none or just some email signed with a random character name in a later game (most missions in ME series so far) - Hates explanations and situations that feel forced and illogical (like the transition from ME 1 to ME 2, ME 3 the whole "boy-left-behind" crap) - Hates to play through situations seen in games / movies time and again (ME 1 and 3 mainly) - Hates grinding through hordes of enemies (ME 3 mainly) - Hates constant time limits, stressful situations suggested by story (ME 3 did that on almost every mission) - Hates recycled, obviously confined areas (ME 1 interiors and 3 mainly - ME 2 had more unique, beautiful though small areas that I enjoyed) - Hates repetition (all of the previous MEs had so much obvious time filler material, much like certain shallow but fat books) - Indifferent about achievements - Prefers DRM free but has all the usual sh*t installed anyway (Steam, Origin) except that Ubisoft thingy - Indifferent about NPC character progression - Indifferent about play time (though won't pay 60 bucks for 5 hours of entertainment) - Indifferent about fantasy elements in sci fi as long as it is plausible with few leaps of faith (ME did that quite well with bionics etc.) - Indifferent about game mechanics as long as it's good for what it is (doesn't pretend to be an RPG when it's a somewhat interactive movie)
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