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  1. After more testing the bug is definitely still present. Specifically in my last sessionI played for a short time today, less than 30 minutes, before encountering the first combat. This time my chanter alone was enough to cause a noticeable 1/4 - 1/3 second stutter with the very first summon of the session. This continued to happen with the first summon of every other summon I had. Bug is not resolved.
  2. So, it's much better than it was but I don't think it's completely fixed. My first game back I was able to repro the stutter again. In case it was the save state I quit out and tried a few more times without repro. However being a bit sneaky I made sure to keep a few summons unused until after I'd played for a couple hours and was able to repro the stutter again. I'm guessing that the way things were loaded into memory has been optimized somewhat and it's lessening the issue. But I believe the actual issue remains, it's just been minimized. It's prolly good enough now to where it's ok,
  3. No worries . I have some QA experience in and out of gaming. I appreciate all the hard work from you and all the teams. I will wait patiently and am VERY happy with the game. Hang in there through the post-release craziness haha.
  4. I'm so sorry for the late reply, I wrongly believed I would get forum notifications (the bell up top left) from replies to topics I created, but I've only received notification about likes. Looks like those were the default setting from when I created my forum account . I pulled a save from 2 days after my post so it should still hopefully be appropriate. As with the others the uploader said the save file was too big. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-PcffzJ0f1ayz-CnRN9NY1UIt04LNgf9/view?usp=sharing
  5. I judge the medium within it's limitations. Different outcomes for every major choice means a gigantic spiderweb of content work that only a tiny % of people will ever experience. It's just not financially viable. Even the best series at creating the illusion of your choices mattering are rather thin if you view them with a critical eye. That's why you can choose to be reincarnated to the wheel when you talk to Berath, and it happens. You become a wolf or some such and credits roll. But you cannot make major impact on gameplay story. Because the cost. Even games like Undertale or Th
  6. I think Pillars of Eternity 2 is good example of both how you can execute meaningful story/choice in a game as well as how fragile that feeling can be in a way well beyond the ordinary fare of games. This has spoilers for Pillars of Eternity 2 as it's used as an example. If you are not ok with that, turn back now. Specifically the Trading guilds in POE 2 put you in very uncomfortable situations with choices that go beyond good/bad that are compelling. Each of the two trading guilds is heavily expansion/profit oriented in different ways and they both, in a nice touch, go out of their way t
  7. Bug: NPC "Weto" in location "Sayuka" replies with the text *missing string 66*. Repro: 1. Go to the town of Sayuko. 2. Participate in the conversation event between "Weto" and "Tipa" in front of the "Huana Longhouse". 3. Listen to both sides, exhaust options, eventually support Tipa. Minor Huana rep gained by choice. 4. Talk to Weto again after conversation resolved. 5. Observe that *missing string 66* displays in chat as well as above "Weto", however audio plays as intended, DxDiag.txt
  8. Bug: After running for multiple hours game appears to run more sluggishly, enough so it becomes noticeable to the naked eye. Repro Steps: 1. Start Game 2. Play it for hours on end because it's awesome. 3. Observe degraded performance. Notes: 1. I have not confirmed if this is tied into the loading of new assets. From observation it appears that new assets get loaded into temporary memory as you play the game and then are dumped when you exit game. As such multiple summons, monsters, and areas slowly bloating the memory footprint may be relevant. Or it may not be. Coding is har
  9. Bug: When summoning minions in combat, the game will stutter. Repro Steps: 1. Enter combat with something 2. Summon a minion 3. Observe stutter Important notes/Required Conditions: 1. Must be first time to summon that particular minion in that gameplay session. It will not stutter again in future summons until game has been closed and restarted. 2. This can and does happen per individual minion. as such if you "minion dump" by summoning several minions at once, the stutter can last for a full second or more. Subjectively: this feels very crippling in more challenging battles.
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