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  1. I completely agree with this. Given the fact development resources (time, money, manpower, etc) aren't unlimited, I'd rather have them focused on proper content. Can't ever have enough quests and lore. But, as are most things gaming related, each one person has different preferences. Some focus on combat, some on story and lore. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I seem to vaguely remember an article I read somewhere that stated that further content development stopped with WM2, except bug fixes and various improvements. There's a VERY big chance I'm mistaken. Do not take my word for it.
  2. I'm not sure how the game was in WM1 release, but I'd like to direct you to several things that might provide you more information: 1. A short video by the devs on some features that were implemented in 3.0 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDzAtWt7Ssg I highly recommend you watch it, as some of the things listed here are very important 2. Complete patch notes for 3.0 - https://forums.obsidian.net/blog/7/entry-190-update-notes-300/ I don't know about any future plans for major updates. Maybe there are, I just don't know 3. Patch notes for 3.01 - https://forums.obsidian.net/blog/7
  3. Her lack of interaction bothered me a bit, I admit. Nevertheless, my original post's intention was a thank you and appreciation to the writer(s) of her story, history, and dialogues with the PC. She's not a perfect character, putting the lack of interaction with her aside. For my specific playthrough, I enjoyed her dialogues so much I actually talked with her after every game event / quest / progression that I exhausted all her dialogue and quest extremely quickly. It was a very condensed, intense, and fun reading and dialogue, but now I'm left with a taste for more. She was a very unique
  4. Disclaimer: No spoilers. Close to finishing the game for the 2nd time, and first time actually taking her with me. In my opinion, this really is the best written character I've had the pleasure of experiencing in pretty much any RPG. I've played Baldur's Gate (1 + 2), Neverwinter Nights, Planescape Torment, etc, but this character... just wow. On my first playthrough (around release), I played a Cipher, so I thought "hmm she seems interesting, but I'm have a Cipher and having 2 would be silly". But now after 3.01 patch, and buying both White March DLCs, I re-started with a Monk, and de
  5. Hello I'll get straight to the point: I'd like to mod the game, and add a DR passive effect every certain amount of levels to the monk class. Sort of like the passive you get every several levels that increases unarmed damage. Maybe I could just add a DR effect to it and save myself the trouble of trying to add something completely new. My reason is, that I like the unarmed martial arts no armor theme of the class, but every time I tried to start a game as a monk, I felt either very weak and useless, or had to stray from the theme and use medium or heavy armor to utilize the wound
  6. In a sword fight, do people stand completely still ? Doesn't it make sense to be able to move or "steer" the fight to a more comfortable position for one of the fighters ? It has nothing to do with D&D. it's unreasonable to have to be complete still because of engagement, and it doesn't make sense gameplay wise and "realism" wise. Even if it doesn't make sense in any way, it adds nothing to the game, just subtracts an element of tactics and positioning. Standstill fights are just boring
  7. I'm know nothing about programming, but I think it can be based on the mouse cursor distance when clicked from the character position, with a small aoe circle "safezone" like you siad. If you click inside the safezone, the character will move according to where to clicked, if clicked a bit to his right, he'd sidestep right, if to his back, he'll backpeddle, and so on. If clicked outside, the character will turn and run like normal, incurring disengagement attacks as normal with all the bonuses / penalties with it
  8. When browsing through the forums, especially in topics I started or praticipated in, I keep wondering if these messages reach the devs. At the time of posting this, this has reached page 3 of the forum. I know they're busy, but it would be lovely to get some sort of acknoledgement on topics with suggestions / feature requests. I love Obsidian, I love the fact they keep working on this, but it feels like these forums need a bit more attentions. I very rarely see a dev response, and it's usually in the tech support forum <.<
  9. These are exactly the kind of ideas I had in mind. It makes no sense from an RP standpoint to have monks not wear armor, or just light, and from game mechanics perspective it's handicapping. There should be talents, or base class mechanic to compensate for it. I personally think they should have an innate DR that goes up with levels when wearing no armor. For example the monk would have DR at level 1 as if he wore light armor (3 DR), and by max level would reach 8 DR, like scale armor [if I remember values correctly]. I'd rather not have such mechanics based on talents, as they would feel mand
  10. I'm guessing you misunderstood me. I don't want it removed completely I think it makes sense, and I love the fact it's in the game. I can't imagine a wizard trying to run away from an enemy without getting a massive axe to the back of his skull ;p But I think a fight should be able to backtrack a bit while engaging to allow better positioning You only get disengagement attacks from the enemy currently engaging you. The red arrow indicates who and how many of your party members that enemy is engaging. Since starting Path of the Damned, I try my best to maximize to use flanking mecha
  11. I already said that on a couple of different "request features" topics, but I'm happy to see someone opens a specific topic about it ! A separate buyback tab would be hugely welcome, and filters not greying out just making other items invisible would be an immense quality of life boost
  12. I love this idea! Having all the books you collected on your adventure available in the stronghold library would be really cool, and immersive ! I always collect books and end up reading them when have a coffee break from my adventures The only issue with it I see, is that then they won't be accessible from anywhere. Maybe have the books you collected appear both in the library, for immersion, and accessible through the Lore tab ? Sadly, I don't think the devs would really work on a side feature like that :\, but still, I support that idea
  13. Heya So, I started a fresh game on Path of the Damned difficulty, and I have to say, it's really challenging and fun. Really have to focus on tactics in combat, and it's a nice change after playing on hard and steamrolling everything But, I have an issue with the melee engagement system. Don't get me wrong, I think it makes sense and I love it. I just think it's missing a key feature that would make sense both in game mechanics and "realism". While engaged in melee with an enemy, I'd love it if I could "sidestep", walk backwards slowly, or turn the enemy without getting disengage
  14. Well, the way I see it, single player experience is easier to balance and should be balanced in order to provide the best game experience for everyone. Game balance isn't necessarily MMORPG style, where classes are balanced against each other. In single player, classes and the whole game needs to be balanced in such a way, that no matter what class you choose, you don't end up feeling like you chose the "wrong" class because it's weak, or feeling like there should be another harder difficulty than the current hardest one. In both of those cases, imbalance hurts the experience. As a person
  15. I had no idea I can bind stuff to F1-F11, thanks for letting me know Still, I'd rather use something more comfortable, QWERT keys for example. Anyhow, those abilities slots should be on the controls keybinds menu. I guess I didn't explain myself properly for #1. I want the marked with green things on item descriptions to be clickable, so it opens a tooltip for said spell / effect. The only thing you see on the character sheet it Grant Spell, which gives you the ability to use said spell X times per rest. But for spell striking, it doesn't show anything, neither for spell holding. I actu
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