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  1. I completely agree with this. Given the fact development resources (time, money, manpower, etc) aren't unlimited, I'd rather have them focused on proper content. Can't ever have enough quests and lore. But, as are most things gaming related, each one person has different preferences. Some focus on combat, some on story and lore. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I seem to vaguely remember an article I read somewhere that stated that further content development stopped with WM2, except bug fixes and various improvements. There's a VERY big chance I'm mistaken. Do not take my word for it.
  2. I'm not sure how the game was in WM1 release, but I'd like to direct you to several things that might provide you more information: 1. A short video by the devs on some features that were implemented in 3.0 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDzAtWt7Ssg I highly recommend you watch it, as some of the things listed here are very important 2. Complete patch notes for 3.0 - https://forums.obsidian.net/blog/7/entry-190-update-notes-300/ I don't know about any future plans for major updates. Maybe there are, I just don't know 3. Patch notes for 3.01 - https://forums.obsidian.net/blog/7/entry-191-update-notes-301/ And as someone who finished a first playthrough on release, and picked it up again several days ago, I think the game is in a really good shape. Playing on POTD, Monk as main character, and I'm loving every second of it. Some bugs still exist, but game is very playable and polished.
  3. Her lack of interaction bothered me a bit, I admit. Nevertheless, my original post's intention was a thank you and appreciation to the writer(s) of her story, history, and dialogues with the PC. She's not a perfect character, putting the lack of interaction with her aside. For my specific playthrough, I enjoyed her dialogues so much I actually talked with her after every game event / quest / progression that I exhausted all her dialogue and quest extremely quickly. It was a very condensed, intense, and fun reading and dialogue, but now I'm left with a taste for more. She was a very unique and rich character to have, and now I'm a bit torn: should I keep her in case other interactions with her pop up ? or just replace her with someone else ? because at the moment she feels like a custom created character by me. (currently at Twin Elms) MCA char ? Not familiar with this abbreviation Possible spoilers ahead: I actually felt she syncs quite well, at least with the PC special "gift". Learning her memories and past bits by bits, felt very "Watchery", and helped my sense of immersion with the world and my character. To me, all interactions with her gave more "volume" and weight to the Watcher's ability, but I guess not everyone has the same taste in reading and characters I actually debated with myself whether I should write about the Grieving Mother specifically, or all the characters I liked. Sagani, out of all the characters I experienced so far, felt the closest to a "real world" character. She doesn't have any magical abilities, or any special role in history or lore like Durance / Eder. She's just a mother of 5, and a huntress, that went on a hunt as part of her village tradition. Except the fact she's looking for a soul of a village elder, anyone could be like her. Me, you, a peasant in Gilded Vale. Her normality made her special. It was nice to finally have a character that was more on the normal side of the spectrum in a fantasy RPG game. I don't know how relevant that is (how long ago that phone call took place), but congratulations on your friends pregnancy / new baby
  4. Disclaimer: No spoilers. Close to finishing the game for the 2nd time, and first time actually taking her with me. In my opinion, this really is the best written character I've had the pleasure of experiencing in pretty much any RPG. I've played Baldur's Gate (1 + 2), Neverwinter Nights, Planescape Torment, etc, but this character... just wow. On my first playthrough (around release), I played a Cipher, so I thought "hmm she seems interesting, but I'm have a Cipher and having 2 would be silly". But now after 3.01 patch, and buying both White March DLCs, I re-started with a Monk, and decided to take her along with me. Loving every second of it. I urge anyone that never gave her a chance (because of stats, class, or any other reason) to grab her ASAP. My experience with her was so intense, I just had to go somewhere and express my appreciation. Thank you. Kudos to who ever is responsible for the script of that incredible character. One of my best gaming experiences ever
  5. Hello I'll get straight to the point: I'd like to mod the game, and add a DR passive effect every certain amount of levels to the monk class. Sort of like the passive you get every several levels that increases unarmed damage. Maybe I could just add a DR effect to it and save myself the trouble of trying to add something completely new. My reason is, that I like the unarmed martial arts no armor theme of the class, but every time I tried to start a game as a monk, I felt either very weak and useless, or had to stray from the theme and use medium or heavy armor to utilize the wounds mechanic properly and to actually survive (I play on POTD exclusively). If I could add a passive DR value to Transcendent Suffering, I could make it reach 12 DR (like plate armor) at level 10, which seems reasonable to me for a front line fighter who's theme is to wear just clothes and be a punching bad-ass. I'm very proficient in Java, but I have never modded any game, so I'm feeling a bit lost. I mostly request guidance on where I could find the files I need to mod, maybe a link to a modding guide would be enough. If I eventually get this to work and other people would be interested in it, I'd gladly upload it somewhere and share it. Thanks in advance
  6. In a sword fight, do people stand completely still ? Doesn't it make sense to be able to move or "steer" the fight to a more comfortable position for one of the fighters ? It has nothing to do with D&D. it's unreasonable to have to be complete still because of engagement, and it doesn't make sense gameplay wise and "realism" wise. Even if it doesn't make sense in any way, it adds nothing to the game, just subtracts an element of tactics and positioning. Standstill fights are just boring
  7. I'm know nothing about programming, but I think it can be based on the mouse cursor distance when clicked from the character position, with a small aoe circle "safezone" like you siad. If you click inside the safezone, the character will move according to where to clicked, if clicked a bit to his right, he'd sidestep right, if to his back, he'll backpeddle, and so on. If clicked outside, the character will turn and run like normal, incurring disengagement attacks as normal with all the bonuses / penalties with it
  8. When browsing through the forums, especially in topics I started or praticipated in, I keep wondering if these messages reach the devs. At the time of posting this, this has reached page 3 of the forum. I know they're busy, but it would be lovely to get some sort of acknoledgement on topics with suggestions / feature requests. I love Obsidian, I love the fact they keep working on this, but it feels like these forums need a bit more attentions. I very rarely see a dev response, and it's usually in the tech support forum <.<
  9. These are exactly the kind of ideas I had in mind. It makes no sense from an RP standpoint to have monks not wear armor, or just light, and from game mechanics perspective it's handicapping. There should be talents, or base class mechanic to compensate for it. I personally think they should have an innate DR that goes up with levels when wearing no armor. For example the monk would have DR at level 1 as if he wore light armor (3 DR), and by max level would reach 8 DR, like scale armor [if I remember values correctly]. I'd rather not have such mechanics based on talents, as they would feel mandatory to some extent in higher difficulties, and would rather spend talents on more personal playstyle customization, like Modals, Hold the Line [increases number of engaged enemies] and such.
  10. I'm guessing you misunderstood me. I don't want it removed completely I think it makes sense, and I love the fact it's in the game. I can't imagine a wizard trying to run away from an enemy without getting a massive axe to the back of his skull ;p But I think a fight should be able to backtrack a bit while engaging to allow better positioning You only get disengagement attacks from the enemy currently engaging you. The red arrow indicates who and how many of your party members that enemy is engaging. Since starting Path of the Damned, I try my best to maximize to use flanking mechanics on enemies, -10 deflection isn't a minor boost
  11. I already said that on a couple of different "request features" topics, but I'm happy to see someone opens a specific topic about it ! A separate buyback tab would be hugely welcome, and filters not greying out just making other items invisible would be an immense quality of life boost
  12. I love this idea! Having all the books you collected on your adventure available in the stronghold library would be really cool, and immersive ! I always collect books and end up reading them when have a coffee break from my adventures The only issue with it I see, is that then they won't be accessible from anywhere. Maybe have the books you collected appear both in the library, for immersion, and accessible through the Lore tab ? Sadly, I don't think the devs would really work on a side feature like that :\, but still, I support that idea
  13. Heya So, I started a fresh game on Path of the Damned difficulty, and I have to say, it's really challenging and fun. Really have to focus on tactics in combat, and it's a nice change after playing on hard and steamrolling everything But, I have an issue with the melee engagement system. Don't get me wrong, I think it makes sense and I love it. I just think it's missing a key feature that would make sense both in game mechanics and "realism". While engaged in melee with an enemy, I'd love it if I could "sidestep", walk backwards slowly, or turn the enemy without getting disengagement attacks. I think it's reasonable to imagine that you're fighting someone, and you sidestep a bit without to turn around completely and face in the other direction. It's happened quite a lot when I want to keep the enemy in the same position, just move a little bit to the side or to the back to allow flanking, or clearing the doorway to let other party members through. I think disengagement attacks should only occur if leaving a certain range of the enemy, or clicking too far away from him. I tried to watch the combat in the game more closely, and I don't think there are animations for it, but still hoping it gets heard and added to the game
  14. Well, the way I see it, single player experience is easier to balance and should be balanced in order to provide the best game experience for everyone. Game balance isn't necessarily MMORPG style, where classes are balanced against each other. In single player, classes and the whole game needs to be balanced in such a way, that no matter what class you choose, you don't end up feeling like you chose the "wrong" class because it's weak, or feeling like there should be another harder difficulty than the current hardest one. In both of those cases, imbalance hurts the experience. As a personal example, I deleted my old Cipher save and started a fresh game, because well, I felt the spell Mind Blades trivialized a lot of fights for me. By the time I realized they weren't supposed to be easy fights, I stopped using that spell altogether, but it still felt like I need a decent challenge with a fresh start in a balanced game. I also think Monk wound system need an overhaul, because I still haven't figured out a build that makes sense RP wise, and is decent enough to soak damage decently and use wounds in fights. On the monk case, it being my favorite D&D / RPG class, I opened a separate topic about it. A lot of people disagreed, but I strongly stand behind my opinion and think that system is bad. That's to be expected though, as balance is mostly a matter of perspective and playstyle, which is the main point of this wall of text My main point is, as I've stated at the start of this, that balance is a personal thing and differs quite a bit between players, even more so when it's a single player game. Nonetheless, having a class so weak that it can't finish the game on it's hardest difficulty is bad, no one wants that. All in all, I think this is a wonderful game. I'm really happy with the devs, and it is really the "Baldur's Gate 3" I've been waiting for all these years. It could still use some work and balance, but that's just my personal view on things
  15. I had no idea I can bind stuff to F1-F11, thanks for letting me know Still, I'd rather use something more comfortable, QWERT keys for example. Anyhow, those abilities slots should be on the controls keybinds menu. I guess I didn't explain myself properly for #1. I want the marked with green things on item descriptions to be clickable, so it opens a tooltip for said spell / effect. The only thing you see on the character sheet it Grant Spell, which gives you the ability to use said spell X times per rest. But for spell striking, it doesn't show anything, neither for spell holding. I actually opened a separate topic about this specific issue, almost no one replied and it sunk, so I guess it doesn't bother many people <.<
  16. I think the whole UI / QoL aspect of this game needs a ton of work, just several things off the top of my head: 1. Tooltips for items that grand a spell effect. Spell Striking, Spell Holding, that sort of stuff. It's great that Shod-in-Faith boots have Spell Holding: Consecrated Ground, but I have no idea what it means or what does it do. 2. Sneak / Scout is annoying as hell. Why do I need to walk in slow motion AND with the whole group just to scout for hidden items / traps ? 3. Hotkeys for abilities. So my paladin has 4 abilities. I'd love it if I didn't have to mouse click them, and I could bind them to QWERTY or something like that. Same for spells, click a spell level. 4. Sticky spell levels. I don't want the spell level I chose to change if I accidentally hovered over 2 on my way to the spell list if I wanted level 3. 5. Action queue list. So I queued 3 spells / actions, and progressed the fight and paused again. How am I supposed to remember all action queues I given for 6 party members ? 6. Proper filters on vendors / inventory. When I press the Armor icon, I don't want other items greyed out, I want them GONE. 7. Different buy-back tab for items you sold to a vendor. When I sell a ton of items to a vendor, I don't want them to bother me while I search for another item to buy :| [NEXT PART MIGHT CONTAIN SPOILERS] And one last thing, it's not really related to quality of life or UI, but still: Continuity. After I finish up Gilded Vale and choose either of them to stay on the "throne", I atleast expect some response from townsfolk at Gilded Vale. And that's just one example out of many, but I have a bad memory and haven't played today
  17. Sorry, fixed the topic Thanks for letting me know ! Tried those places, atleast for the boots I couldn't find anything :\ I just wish the parent effect [as you described it] would be on the cyclopedia, and the spell effect clickable for a tooltip popup with spell / effect description EDIT: After googling "consecrated ground" I found it's the same effect as the 2nd level priest spell of the same name, but still, would be handy if I didn't have to google stuff each time <.<
  18. Heya So, I'm close to finishing Defiance Bay, been questing like mad and got a ton of items, and vendors selling a whole lot of items. The problem is, I don't know what any of them do. The Larder Door for example, the shield you get from the blacksmith quest at Gilded Vale. It says it grants bashing, but there's no explanation what it does. Now, I googled it and got an answer, sort of. All I understood it's used as an off-hand weapon of sorts. But there are a TON of items like that, especially on vendors with high prices, that I have no idea what they do. Shod-in-Faith boots you can buy from the forge-master at the Crucible Knights place. It's well and good it says Spell Holding: Consecrated Ground - Grants Consecrated Ground. But what is this Consecrated Ground ? What does it do ? I tried to buy it, and equip it, but I see no added effects or spells. Also, a lot of Spell Striking items. I read somewhere what they do, and I understand. But all of those items need to have proper, clickable, tooltips that show the proper spell description and an explanation how they work. I can't go around buying everything and looking for a fight to test those items :/
  19. I have. Except the guy telling me to go meet Lady Webb, nothing happens. I just want to know if the quest completion after the soul jumping cut scene but before the fight was supposed to happen, as the journal states I have to subdue him for more information, but nothing of that sort happened
  20. Heya So I've recently did the quest The Man Who Waits in the sanitarium at Defiance Bay, but a weird thing happened. After talking to Uscgrim and the whole soul conversation, I got a journal updated to subdue him, but right when the fight started against the constructs, I got a quest completed without even hitting any enemy. Is that supposed to be like that ? I got no other information after killing everything EDIT: just to clarify, the quest log states that he must be subdued to get more information about the whole watcher thing, but nothing happens after everything is over
  21. I have a problem with the northern door in there as well. Before the patch I had no issues with it, and now it can't be opened <.<
  22. Those stats are exactly what I try to avoid when building a character, it might be the wrong term, but that's exactly what I'd call min-maxing. On every character I create, I try to RP as much as possible, so that build wouldn't suit me. I don't lower any stat below 10, and probably won't end up with a stat higher than 16. I've said that right off the bat when I opened this topic. Also, once more, the way I look at it, class balance is broken if you need a narrow set of favorable stats to perform well. I might be in the wrong here, but in such an RP rich game, I'd rather avoid all those BG2 builds with 3 int / 3 wisdom on a fighter cause well, "useless", and having 18+ of a main stat. I don't want much from the class, just some basic DR to avoid getting 2 shot by the ogres in Endless Paths or the Raedric Hold fight and bad RNG. Just out of curiosity: why two weapon fighting style ? it affects unarmed ? O.o
  23. Maybe there's missing info on it, stating that this damage is done to targets with low endurance, to make sure they explode ? O.o Test it on something :DDD
  24. Just a couple of questions: how did you build your monk ? Did you put high constitution / deflection giving stats ? Because I tried the exact same thing, playing on hard, and I died very quickly with even 1 enemy sitting on my monk :\ Yea wounds stacked very quickly, but my HP dropped accordingly ! [played on hard, doesn't change enemy stats, but there were definitely more situations with more enemies hitting my monk killing him in seconds] I guess I'll wait for the patch to hit GOG version and give it another go with a fresh start, hoping I won't be disappointed again <.< LOL that's epic ! Loved it ^_^ I had no idea that the original class design was like that for this game I always assumed they went for the BG2 style monk new and improved for a 2015 game, not over powered just balanced pew pew fist fighting I guess then I just don't quite see eye to eye with this design. It's fine though, there are plenty other classes I like I mostly just wanted to know if the design idea of the class was realized in a balanced manner, or was it just broken execution of a different design
  25. Short question: what does IE stand for exactly ? AH ! Infinity engine ! nevermind brain went blank for a moment Regarding classes, because you listed Chanters: I like Ciphers focus design. It's not balanced yet in my opinion, but the idea of hitting to generate a resource you can spend on abilities is quite refreshing. The fact that wizards can auto attack with a scepter / wand is very nice, as it allows you to plan your spells and save them for when you really need them, instead of spamming all spells and resting after every fight. With the improved Blast thing, my wizard can dish nice AOE damage, and it saves room for more tactful choices with spells. I'm not sure it's related to mechanics specifically, but the removal of restrictions on weapons / armor. If I want to be a battle-mage dual wielding maces in heavy armor and cast spells slowly I finally can ! :D
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