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  1. I'm really looking forward to the Steam/GOG release and finally playing the game. Hopefully there will be an ultimate edition of some kind. Since this game appears to have beat expectations perhaps Microsoft will bankroll a bigger sequel.
  2. The Fig shares never entitled investors to a return on console sales, only PC sales. And the final payout just happened, people who bought $1,000 Fig shares lost nearly half that money. I feel bad for those who bought several shares.
  3. i have a sneaking suspicion that this is actually an intended nerf (e.g. the designers never intended for this aoe weapon interaction, and they took wayyyy too long to address it, letting people getting used to it) and the reason why no one official appears to be commenting on it is to try to sidestep the player rage at having such a big and late-in-the-cycle power-level cut. There is no way I believe Obsidian and the Deadfire team would try to deceive the playerbase like that. Plenty of devs out there have lost my trust over the years but not Obsidian.
  4. Do we really believe Microsoft is going to bankroll a Pillars 3? I highly doubt it. But that's not really such a bad thing. Deadfire is great but Pillars is Pillars and I've played it already. Let's see something new. What I'm hoping is that we don't see the games become MTX laden, online only, subscription/streaming only, Microsoft Store only modern gaming BS. That would make the company dead to me.
  5. They'll never fix this, the chanter bug, several bugs that are major inconveniences. It really sucks.
  6. Fig shares went out. Very low. Confirms that the sales were significantly lower then for Pillars.
  7. Durance was the best companion in the game by my estimation, he's not a good person but he's engaging and a character you definitely have to have an opinion on. Very well characterized too, it's clear who he is and what he's about. Grieving Mother honestly fell a little flat for me. All her dialogue is so focused on her one issue, children and their souls. Whether her companion quest, Vela, or what to do with the souls. I felt like the character was a little too one dimensional. Other characters I quite enjoyed were Eder (good natured, loves animals, unworldly farm boy trope, who could
  8. That's all terrible advice. Paladins are not a gimped class, there are plenty of builds that use two handed weapons, monks are awesome, and min-maxing is so not essential in this game, it was literally designed around not having players min-max. I never min-max in Pillars and I play on PotD no problem, with every class. Just have fun with it. And if you're not playing on PotD all of that stuff makes even less sense. EDIT: I finally got around to playing a rogue, I've made him a disgraced Vailian noble who had to flee his home country before being killed for various indiscretions an
  9. Yup, and it really sucks because once it affects Kana in your play through it will always affect him. Makes him unplayable.
  10. Who cares if it's cheaper? And honestly it hasn't been cheaper for years. It's about building the system you want with the components that best meet your needs. I'll never stop building my own.
  11. I know this is a few months old but that's a terrible price if the system is used. You could build that brand new for about the same money. I wouldn't pay more than $300 for it as a used system.
  12. I mean we will have to have some transparency because there will be obligations to the Fig backers. That part will be interesting.
  13. Obsidian needs to crowfund their own first person FPS RPG with their own IP.
  14. Avellone will never work with Obsidian again I'd wager. I don't want a Pillars 3. I love the games but I don't want to play the same game with a fresh coat of paint every few years. I want to see this team move on to another original work.
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