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  1. Does the respec bench allow you to change attributes? If not then its not really the same as a restart.
  2. Obsidian didn't make Fallout 3 and 4... In any case, I agree that its annoying. Worse than annoying, it interrupts my shrink ray application, so it has a negative impact on my combat.
  3. I've been running basically this build, except that I left might at 10 and maxed out constitution instead. The bonus damage from "heating up" and "on the edge" more than make up for the lost might. I second the concern about arcane damper. That's really the only thing that can slow you down once you get the build going. Kill the wizards first! The extra con really helps when you get hit by it anyway, since you can last a really long time with that sweet "on the edge" bonus.
  4. I get your point, but what about players who enjoy overpower? Is nerf fair to them? I don't know how hard to do it, but i think difficulty setting should alter some fundamental of gameplay such as class instead of just adjust number and those should be optional such as expert mode instead of all nerf base on difficulty alone. You wanna be overpowered play story mode. That playstyle is already supported fully.
  5. So, apparently, if you menace the pistol with the sabre, it gets ready to fire more quickly.
  6. I think that it depends upon why you are getting the whip upgrade. If you are single class cipher then you need the focus, and it is no question that you pick draining whip. If you are a multiclass then in many cases all you want is the extra damage.
  7. Well, I don't know if you're serious or not but he had the biggest writing role in PoE1. If you or anyone else hadn't heard of him its probably partly cos of Obs used more well known devs on marketing/panels etc despite they may have had lesser roles in the development of PoE. Okay, he's a writer. I'm still not clear why all the excitement. I thought Eder was well written in PoE 1, so if the same guy is writing him for PoE 2 that's good news, regardless of the fact that I've never heard of him before.
  8. Thanks for the help. I'm not quite sure that I understand your quote, but I *think* I did what you recommended, and it did seem to help. Specifically, I cleared out all of Kana's chants and re-wrote chant A, and then I saved and reloaded. It works now.
  9. In pretty much every battle Kana either stops chanting or just does not start to chant. I have not been able to detect any difference in this behavior with AI on or off. This is irritating because it means that I have to micromanage chanting. I would really prefer to have Kana (or any PC chanter I run) be "fire and forget" with respect to chants so that I can focus my attention on more important things. Here is a link to a dropbox folder that contains the a save that I made after several battles where Kana exhibited this behavior: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/kyit3hbsfgvjqug/AAC3XhRYG7niFXn7DlkJ05nKa?dl=0
  10. Here are a save before and after I respeced the hireling monk: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/kyit3hbsfgvjqug/AAC3XhRYG7niFXn7DlkJ05nKa?dl=0 I did not think to create a log file at the time, I will have to do that later.
  11. I decided to respec my monk main character, and I was surprised to find that I was not able to select Duality of Mortal Presence during the ensuing level up process. However, upon completing the respec, I noticed that I still had it (it was not removed by the respec). I repeated the process several times with the same effect. It does not seem to matter whether or not I have activated the modal. I hired a level 7 monk from the tavern and took duality of mortal presence during level up. When I respec this monk the same thing happens (duality does not appear as a selectable ability during level up, but I still have it upon exiting the process.
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