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  1. I'm really looking forward to the Steam/GOG release and finally playing the game. Hopefully there will be an ultimate edition of some kind. Since this game appears to have beat expectations perhaps Microsoft will bankroll a bigger sequel.
  2. The Fig shares never entitled investors to a return on console sales, only PC sales. And the final payout just happened, people who bought $1,000 Fig shares lost nearly half that money. I feel bad for those who bought several shares.
  3. i have a sneaking suspicion that this is actually an intended nerf (e.g. the designers never intended for this aoe weapon interaction, and they took wayyyy too long to address it, letting people getting used to it) and the reason why no one official appears to be commenting on it is to try to sidestep the player rage at having such a big and late-in-the-cycle power-level cut. There is no way I believe Obsidian and the Deadfire team would try to deceive the playerbase like that. Plenty of devs out there have lost my trust over the years but not Obsidian.
  4. Do we really believe Microsoft is going to bankroll a Pillars 3? I highly doubt it. But that's not really such a bad thing. Deadfire is great but Pillars is Pillars and I've played it already. Let's see something new. What I'm hoping is that we don't see the games become MTX laden, online only, subscription/streaming only, Microsoft Store only modern gaming BS. That would make the company dead to me.
  5. They'll never fix this, the chanter bug, several bugs that are major inconveniences. It really sucks.
  6. Fig shares went out. Very low. Confirms that the sales were significantly lower then for Pillars.
  7. Durance was the best companion in the game by my estimation, he's not a good person but he's engaging and a character you definitely have to have an opinion on. Very well characterized too, it's clear who he is and what he's about. Grieving Mother honestly fell a little flat for me. All her dialogue is so focused on her one issue, children and their souls. Whether her companion quest, Vela, or what to do with the souls. I felt like the character was a little too one dimensional. Other characters I quite enjoyed were Eder (good natured, loves animals, unworldly farm boy trope, who could hate him?), Hiravias (angry at Galawain, quick with a joke or an insult, big personality in a little body), and Sagani (practical woman who's given years of her life to honor the traditions of her tribe, all while missing her husband and children who are back home while wondering if the whole thing is even worth it). The other companion characters were fine but those are the ones that stood out the most to me, or at least the ones I found most interesting.
  8. That's all terrible advice. Paladins are not a gimped class, there are plenty of builds that use two handed weapons, monks are awesome, and min-maxing is so not essential in this game, it was literally designed around not having players min-max. I never min-max in Pillars and I play on PotD no problem, with every class. Just have fun with it. And if you're not playing on PotD all of that stuff makes even less sense. EDIT: I finally got around to playing a rogue, I've made him a disgraced Vailian noble who had to flee his home country before being killed for various indiscretions and excesses, many coming at the expense of his subjects. Think Lord Gathbin but even worse to his people. While on the run he had a profound religious experience which compelled him to dedicate the rest of his life to improving the world for common folk. It's been a lot of fun, the singe target damage is nice, highest single target damage 318.6 (I imagine from finishing blow), and currently I've got him built as a crit machine, they have some great mobility abilities, debuffs, it's been a fun class to play. I still haven't played more than 2 hours of Deadfire. I'm waiting for all the DLC and the majority of the patches to happen.
  9. Yup, and it really sucks because once it affects Kana in your play through it will always affect him. Makes him unplayable.
  10. Who cares if it's cheaper? And honestly it hasn't been cheaper for years. It's about building the system you want with the components that best meet your needs. I'll never stop building my own.
  11. I know this is a few months old but that's a terrible price if the system is used. You could build that brand new for about the same money. I wouldn't pay more than $300 for it as a used system.
  12. I mean we will have to have some transparency because there will be obligations to the Fig backers. That part will be interesting.
  13. Obsidian needs to crowfund their own first person FPS RPG with their own IP.
  14. Avellone will never work with Obsidian again I'd wager. I don't want a Pillars 3. I love the games but I don't want to play the same game with a fresh coat of paint every few years. I want to see this team move on to another original work.
  15. This is funny because it was some members of the community who were campaigning, so no real reason, against that character. I suspect that option is there in response.
  16. Prepare to be patient. Did you play the first game? The patching process takes time, but they will get there in the end.
  17. I tried a multiclass ravager and noticed that hovering over enemies no longer shows the area of effect for carnage. Is that intended? Does carnage's AOE still grow and shrink with intelligence?
  18. I will have to play a lot more before I decide how I feel but one thing I'm not in love with is the change to the health system. I really, really liked the endurance/health mechanic from the first game. It let you stay in a fight as long as you didn't take too much damage all at once and gave you one pool to manage short term, i.e. only in the encounter, and one to manage long term, i.e. how far to go before resting. Now it feels really weird. I always played with injuries, so my characters still got injuries when knocked out, but there is just less to manage and less going on by getting rid of the of the two health pools. Really doesn't feel good to me right now. Another thing I'm noticing is that some skills/spells/etc. seem to not have enough detailed information associated with them.
  19. While it looks like there is a lot of good stuff in this game I can already tell from my limited time with it that a lot of patching will be required over the next year to tune stuff up.
  20. Don't remember the last time a game released bug free, it's not a "this company" thing, but just how things nowadays are in general. Bug free is a bit different from not releasing a game which will be unplayable for some players and knowing it. Good one them for taking my money and ruining 2 days at least. Ye and don't expect me 2 actually bother 2 argue with funboys. Also nice 2 know major bugs a now apparently normal. Awful Walking stereotype right here. I'm know this is a trying event in your life Dopsim, just ignore the funboys and keep posting, we understand how truly difficult this bug is making your life.
  21. It's all different nowadays. Big mainstream outlets (IGN etc) can go do one. Magazines, nobody buys those. If you compare the big reviewers of today vs those of 20-30 years ago, reviews were a lot more honest back then. But there's a slew of other small independent YouTube channels and sites that you can chose from. I personally never look at reviews in mainstream media because it is absolutely a paid review and usually poorly written. It also depends how much I am into the genre and how complex the genre is. When ACG reviewed Project Cars 2, it was cringeworthy because he clearly isn't as involved with racing sims as I am. Also, if someone is a massive RPG buff and loves AD&D, a generic review won't do any good. I have a very small selection of reviewers on YouTube that I go to and they all do specific genres. I'll go to different reviewers for racing sims and I'll go to a completely different reviewer for shooters for example. Good thing is, there's a lot of choice. It's important to know which media outlets to completely ignore though. I hate this idea that all reviews are bought and paid for. Just read them and it's obvious this isn't the case. There are other issues I have with modern video games criticism but this idea that Obsidian/Versus Evil is paying anyone for reviews is laughable. The closest anyone comes to this is "hey, we'll give you an exclusive and an ad deal" and of course the pressure is on for the review to be good. And in fact some have come out and revealed publishers using that kind of exclusivity back in the days of gaming magazines to ensure minimum scores and even dictating what aspects of the game were to be covered or not. And don't forget Jeff Gerstmann, although I think that was an outlier. If I trust anyone the least it's probably YouTubers, as there is all kinds of money changing hands there directly for coverage and while in the US the FTC requires disclosure it's basically a blurb at the bottom of a description, and I know there are people out there not disclosing sponsored content. I really don't rely on reviews to choose which games to buy though. I look at the genre, the developer and maybe some video of it being played. Then if it looks like something I'd be really into I buy immediately, like Pillars 1, and if it's something I think I'd like I'll put it on my wish list and wait for a sale.
  22. I'm not talking about balance tweks like Josh stated. "The change of the health system make healing spells way powerfull, I can't comprehend the reason to why they changed the decent health system of the first game." You should at least read the entirety of the FIRST comment on the thread before commenting anything. I'm saying that the main reason for this easy PotD is because of the new health system. It seems that the lazy here is you. I haven't played Deadfire yet but I have to say I really liked the health/endurance system from the first game. I was really sad to hear it was being done away with, I thought it did a lot of good things design wise.
  23. Is the whole "economy of action" thing really that bad that spells like fireball take a really long time to cast? I'm assuming you've been playing the beta.
  24. OK to know if this game is really going to be a step up from Pillars 1 I have to know this: Does the hair still disappear when characters put on hats? Because if so 0/10 completely unplayable!
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