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  1. Hi all, Sorry for didn't responding earlier, was pretty busy. I managed to fix that problem : i just use the "Restauration System" (using a date before the 9Gb update). Then, I re-downloaded the update, and the game works ! No more error ! If you can't use the "Restauration System", I guess re-install the game will do the same effect (because basically I re-installed the update). Hope that can help !
  2. Hi, thank you for trying to help me ! I just tried to verify the game as you said, unfortunately I still can't play the game (with the same error message)
  3. Hey all, I really don't understand, everything went well until EGS made some automatic update on PoE. Now i can't play the game anymore : each time i try to, i get this error : "Failed to initialize graphics. Make sure you have DirectX 11 installed, have up to date drivers for your graphics card and have not disabled 3D acceleration in display settings. InitializeEngineGraphics failed" I use Windows 7 (updated), i updated all my gpu drivers (GTX 1050 Ti), and the dxdiag shows that i do have DirectX 11 with 3D acceleration enabled. Really don't know what to do...
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