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  1. Bought this game a few years ago and with POE 2 coming out i have decided to go through the game as a paladin (my favourite fantasy trope) and after a few days browsing the forums/checking reddit game advice for beginners, i have come up with a list of advice that is offered to new players and wondered how reliable it is (should i follow it) ... 1, Paladins are terrible... poor fighters, poor magic (cut-price priest) so just avoid - (I guess my playing Paladin is out then) 2, Never use 2 handed weapons - either dual wield or sword/board 3, Monks suck until end game 4, min-maxing s
  2. I am new to the game but love role play ( a veteran of BG/BG2 ) and loved playing a melee Paladin 'Holy Warrior' and wondered if anyone had any advice to build one? 1, I realise a Pally Melee will do less damage than either a Warrior or Barbarian 2, I also realise that to focus on Melee damage (non tank), I will have to sacrifice some of the healing abilities All advice appreciated (with regards to Stat distribution/race/skill choices must-haves
  3. Thinking of taking a Monk through the game but wondering if Monks unarmed damage/abilities are effective at higher levels? Or should I give him weapons?
  4. I'm fairly new to the game and looking for some advice on building a dwarf barbarian dual axe wielding damage dealer... 1, not sure about stats? High might? 2, Dual axes viable? or is a 2 hander more useful? 3, Armour? I understand about attack speed and armour weight, so maybe go with medium/light armour? 4, As a crazed barbarian damage dealer, what abilities would best compliment this? All advice appreciated.. - I just don't want to build a barbarian and realise 40 hours in that i'm too weak/optimised through poor stat/abilities that I am a detriment to my party.
  5. Just bought the game as I was a huge fan of BG1+2 and hoped this was more of the same... Sadly, I had the crazy idea to play a damage-dealing Holy Paladin, someone to smite evil and protect the innocent , but after checking various and numerous forums/websites it seems the Pally is next to useless unless used as a tank And if I do have the audacity to play a '2 handed damage dealer' instead of dual weapons, then i'll be a huge detriment to my party, which sort of blows my role playing ideas out of the water . Next Roleplay idea was a mercenary Barbarian 'Loosely based on Slaine/Co
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