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  1. That is good news! Where did you gather that tid bit of information from? oh found the info in another novella thread: As follows........ Hey (you bunch of splendiferous gamers) The plan is to release the novella along side our 3.03 patch. Sorry it took us so long. Slap hands! -Sking
  2. Nice to see people are still interested in the novella....I am just checking back in to see if any official word up has been announced. Seems not. Staying tuned as always!
  3. Thank you Mr. Brennecke! This is great news and I truly appreciate you taking the time to let us know!
  4. Gonna be a cold day in Eora before we see the likes of this............or hear word,
  5. Wondering if there has been any more information on when/if it is still planned...been a couple months since I heard anything.
  6. Great info! Excellent research! Thanks Amentep......Honorable Arch-Mage of the Obsidian Circle!
  7. What does that title signify? I couldn't find anything under my account. Thanks! I'm sure someone has the magic key to the answer!
  8. Well I paid £20 or so for the audio novella,... I'd be really disappointed if it never materialised,.... its a poor show that there has been no word on it since some like me have actually forked out a fair few bob extra for it. Yes. I am surprised there has really been no status report. I realize Obsidian has priorities and for the life of me I can't help but think touching base with their customer base should be up there on the list. Good news or bad news, I think that communication would be appreciated. Get enough folks commenting here and maybe it will be noticed...not enough commen
  9. Yes...it would be appreciated either way of some news on it's progress or discontinuation. Obsidian is a well established and professional company so I am surprised we have not been updated. Maybe I have not been looking in the right places for information but I have tried.
  10. I know Chris has spread his wings and moved on to new adventures however I was wondering if the novella was still in the works. If it is when should we expect to enjoy it? I check every so often on my account but to no avail. Some word would be rather nice. Thanks!
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