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  1. You can technically get adventurers early on so their exp lag is only around 1k less than your main character. Avoid doing most quests on the starting island and rush towards the inn to start hiring level1 adventurers. You can finish the inn quest (or use Berath's Blessings in starting menu) to gain enough currency (250 x 4 = 1k) to hire the adventurers. Make sure you level up to level 2 but don't overshot it in the beginning so you'll essentially have same level adventurers throughout the game provided you don't swap them out while earning exp.
  2. In Sayuka, after talking to the Weto and Tipa who were disagreeing on Rautai/Huana dispositions, clicking on the brother, Weto, again will show that the corresponding string is missing.
  3. I've tried a couple of runs in POTD with similar Ascendant build: one thing I've noticed is that low con means getting one-shotted by those pesty frontline-bypassing rogues and ranged enemies. I often had to resort to needing a priest to cast withdraw to drop aggro from unstealthable combats (ships, scripted interaction into combat zones, etc), or have the Ascendant wear Eder's starter armor. Ascendant shines in prolonged combat, where there are multiple enemies and the fight drudge out for more than the time it takes to build up the focus. I feel those fights are still fairly limited and
  4. I liked Ashley's narration for PoE II. It's a break from all the male narrators in the industries, not to mention it is just as top quality as some of the other performances. Howevevr, Icewind Dale's narration still tops all the other ones for me. David's voice added a beautiful contrast of warmth and stoicism in the cold and unforgiving Spine of the World.
  5. "... I think they'd have rather given up the land then have it come to violence." It should be "than" since it's comparative.
  6. Visiting Neketaka and finish talking to the Harbourmaster there should allow you to trigger the quest. Talk to Eder after docking in the port. I had Xoti in the party while talking to him. Neketaka is around northeast of the starter port. The main quest should point you to it on the world map.
  7. As in this is a bug you have encountered or you have had his quest triggered at a later time? Just want to see if i can still trigger this quest is all. You can still trigger this quest but only after you have visited Neketaka I believe.
  8. Does anyone here still min/max their attributes? Or do you guys distribute the attributes more evenly (No more 3 con, 20 might, and etc.) similar to the companions and sidekicks? I find min/maxing attributes very punishing, low con means characters getting one-shot by high difficulty AI where enemy rogues and backlines bypass your frontline defenses. And I found companions (with their supposed "inferior" stat distribution) to actually be faring better than my hired adventurers from time to time. Any thoughts? I plan on doing an all-hired-adventurers run similar to Icewind Dale afte
  9. A recent update might have changed Eder's quest parameters or bugged it out, I can confirm that Eder's quest to find his old flame isn't triggering as early as meeting Xoti anymore.
  10. Description: Steps to Reproduce the Issue: 1. Go out to the open seas by ship 2. Open Party windows, dismiss companions and swap them out with other companions in the reserves 3. Sometimes it crashes my game (more than once), sometimes the game lags a bit and continued on smoothly. Important Files: Output Log Attached System Specs Attached Screenshots Attached Side Note: My computer's system language is in Mandarin Chinese, and some of the logs have diagnostics saved in Chinese. I can attempt to translate them to the best of my abilities: Output Log (last few
  11. The Wizard Subclasses suffer from losing 2 schools of magic. There are only 5. So, you lose about 2/5ths of your spells, roughly. You also have increased recovery time for all schools not of your main school. In this case, you get a +1 power level to Transmutation and can turn into an Ogre, but you lose Enchanting and Evocation, and Illusion and Conjuration have +20% longer recovery. If your ok with that trade then it will be fine. I am of the mind that the cost is too steep for all 5 Wizard Subclasses, but you should be able to kick people's teeth in quite nice and look like Shrek doing
  12. I was hoping they'd have an Fallout New Vegas approach where you can completely ignore the main quest and just run off to do whatever you want. But with modding, the horizon expands beyond adding modules on top of exisiting game modes (Main game). I was hoping for future releases to have similar module system like Neverwinter Nights, where players can create whole new campaigns, dungeon crawls, or multiplayer pvp arenas. One can argue one of the most successful creation for Neverwinter Nights 2 is the persistent Baldur's Gate world (heavy RP and in-character required), The Sword Coast Chro
  13. Greetings everyone, First of all, allow me to praise Pillars of Eternity and its developers. The game is a worthy successor to the Infinity Engine titles and caters to both Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale fans. While not the most original game out there (I doubt any game is truly original to the core), Pillars of Eternity not only revitalized the genre of cRPG; it elevated the genre with its mechanics, character creation, background lore, and many other qualities that I sadly do not have the time to mention. I digress, praise is not the reason why I came out of my cave to type a wall of
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