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Want to add passive DR every X levels to monk class. Where do I start ?

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Hello :)


I'll get straight to the point:


I'd like to mod the game, and add a DR passive effect every certain amount of levels to the monk class. Sort of like the passive you get every several levels that increases unarmed damage. Maybe I could just add a DR effect to it and save myself the trouble of trying to add something completely new.


My reason is, that I like the unarmed martial arts no armor theme of the class, but every time I tried to start a game as a monk, I felt either very weak and useless, or had to stray from the theme and use medium or heavy armor to utilize the wounds mechanic properly and to actually survive (I play on POTD exclusively). If I could add a passive DR value to Transcendent Suffering, I could make it reach 12 DR (like plate armor) at level 10, which seems reasonable to me for a front line fighter who's theme is to wear just clothes and be a punching bad-ass.


I'm very proficient in Java, but I have never modded any game, so I'm feeling a bit lost. I mostly request guidance on where I could find the files I need to mod, maybe a link to a modding guide would be enough.


If I eventually get this to work and other people would be interested in it, I'd gladly upload it somewhere and share it.


Thanks in advance :)

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Hey Maydawn,


Monks have an ability that gives them DR per Wound called 'Iron Wheel'. It will give the Monk +1 DR per Wound. 


Also try either the Moon/Fire Godlike races or the Shod-N-Faith boots. These will help keep your Monk in the fight longer.


I got your back


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you would have to edit the main csharp dll for the game... which is inordinately difficult to do, and the devs here will of course not help with that, since it contains a good portion of how their game engine works.

you'll have to find someone who knows how to edit the file directly, I'm afraid.


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It is not difficult at all. All Unity games have the code wide open, you can go right in and and edit it. I've mentioned some important parameters in this post:




Use a program called ILSpy to look at the code to figure out where in the disassembly you need to make changes. You can export the C# code with ILSpy too, but it won't compile, you need to use IL(D)ASM.


Or, you could try to hex edit the .unity3d file for the monk's Transcendent Suffering ability and add the +DR there, but that *is* actually difficult.

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