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  1. I picked the paranoid flaw, went into crouch mode so the flaw triggered, and sniped a few enemies. After combat my attributes were permanently reduced by 1, sneaking again would reduce them further.
  2. I think it's a terrible idea for anyone to enter in a romantic relationship with their boss. And the walls in those cabins are thin, man. That said, Vicar Max is welcome to enlighten me any day.
  3. Not very high level at all myself yet, but I'll apply some wisdom from Fallout 2: Using whatever few drugs, dinky old guns, sticks of dynamite and lockpick skills you have at your disposal in order to kill Metzger as soon as you meet him feels better than coming back 15 levels later and wasting his entire crew with a pull of the trigger on your Vindicator. What I'm saying is, if you splurge on building an uberpowered shock revolver that lets you wipe out all the robots in the Geothermal plant, that's gonna be a better use of those mods than having them gather dust and eventually sell
  4. Why hello there. The name's Gaylor Stonks. Let me introduce myself: Very High Charm Very High Intelligence High Perception Average Dexterity Low Strength Low Temperament Tier 1 Perks: The Negotiator, High Maintenance, Strider, Cheetah, Slow the World, Quick and the Dead. Tier 2 Perks: Snake Oil Salesman, Soliloquy, Scanner, The Reaper. Tier 3 Perk: Revenge. Flaw: Far-sighted. Main skills: Dialogue, Science. Secondary skills: Long Guns, Lockpick, Hack, Determination. Not a single point in those awfully primitive Melee or Defense skills, thank you very m
  5. Thank you very much for the effects list, this is a godsend. Looking up all these values is very tedious.
  6. The tooltip will not change I believe, you'll need to edit the text files for that. But the ability itself should be changed. Do your stats on the C screen change accordingly when you're using the chant?
  7. You need to follow the recipe very carefully. I haven't done this myself in a long while, but as long as you do it exactly the way I've outlined it should work fine. Remember to have the correct index on your added effect, and to increase the array's size to 2.
  8. Good job on buffing Rogues and Barbarians in the last patch! This was very much needed and thank you for doing it! Below is my wishlist for the next one. I second the idea that combat should not end if you've charmed all enemies. It does make the Ringleader ability very useless. The Druid has similar problems with his animal-taming skills. For that same reason, a solo Chanter cannot let his enemies lose focus on him by kiting them outside their aggro range (which is normally the only way to get through PotD solo), because that will make him lose all his Phrases. I wish that combat woul
  9. 3. Probably it's the animations then. Good luck changing those. Try opening the Gunner talent and see what stat it modifies. Find the corresponding stat in CharacterStats, then look where it's used. ModifiedStat won't show any usages, probably because it's an enum, so you have to look at CharacterStats.
  10. 1. These values are overwritten by game assets. Look for an asset for the one-handed bonus. 2. This is an enum, I believe it is in StatusEffect or StatusEffectParams. They correspond to a stat in CharacterStats. 3. These are probably saved in the asset files for each weapon, including fists. Or try checking the AttackBase class.
  11. Read this: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/86074-tutorial-editing-abilities-talents-and-items/ There should be a value in the ability that says what level this skill becomes available.
  12. In my other tutorial (https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/86034-tutorial-making-potions-usable-outside-of-combat/) I explained how to edit the game files by using UABE and a hex editor. But, a hex editor will only get us so far. It will work fine for just changing values and setting properties, but if we want to do more advanced stuff we need a better way to edit these files. Let's say we want to edit the Rogue's Dirty Fighting ability to give it a bonus to Interrupt as well as hit-to-crit conversion. How do we do that? Read on. Step 1: The file Read my other tutorial to figure out h
  13. It is not difficult at all. All Unity games have the code wide open, you can go right in and and edit it. I've mentioned some important parameters in this post: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/85315-modifying-soulbound-weapons/?do=findComment&comment=1800466 Use a program called ILSpy to look at the code to figure out where in the disassembly you need to make changes. You can export the C# code with ILSpy too, but it won't compile, you need to use IL(D)ASM. Or, you could try to hex edit the .unity3d file for the monk's Transcendent Suffering ability and add the +DR there, but
  14. Cool! Skills I feel is a bit too much, but I would love to have scrolls and potions usable outside combat. Any chance it will also let you place more than one trap?
  15. Okay guys, listen. OP almost had the correct approach with the IL(D)ASM routine, you just need to remember a few things: ILDASM must be called with the /quo parameter: ildasm.exe assembly-csharp.dll /out="code.il" /quo /typ The /quo is very important, as it will ensure that variable names are 'quoted', if they are not then the assembly code will not recompile. You should also add a /typ parameter after /quo to preserve type list and sorting. This will let your mod work with other mods, and is just a generally nice thing to do. If you're planning on making a program that edits the ass
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