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  1. Hi, I am level 11 and have started seeing level 11-12 weapons drop. So I suppose that items are roughly equal to the player level, and should stop at 30 max? Right now I have a few mods stored, I've used one to make a robot-killer weapon, but otherwise, since I am currently not having any problems during fights (normal difficulty), and am trying not to use them. How would I know that this time it's on? On level 30 weapons? Also, how far can you upgrade weapons? Can you technically bring one from level 1 to 30 (if that is the max)? So if in the high 20s upgra
  2. Thanks for confirming that I didn't dream this one :). When I did not find him on the ship I had a facepalm moment, how could he climb on the ship without me letting him in, duh, plus I have my trusty ADA totally watching my back, so it looked more or less logical. I don't remember when the patch was. I posted this right after it happened. And IIRC it all happened within the same day, I don't remember seeing any patching between Max telling me "see you aboard the ship" and me gaining access to it.
  3. Hi, This will be spoiler city, so please stop reading if you haven't finished Edgewater. First I recruited Parvati, then done the Vicar Max quest, very early in my adventures there. Vicar Max, during his recruitment dialog, seemed to imply that he wanted to replace Parvati. I thought it was some of the shenanigans we were going through early game, take off with the ship and you'll get storage, and maybe other things like 2 companions. He then said something like "OK, I'll be waiting for you at the ship", or "on the ship", I don't remember. I then went on and spent a few
  4. Hello, I am toying with a character planner but it's not easy when you're not sure how things work at higher levels. I am planning a long-range shooter character, with Sneak and Engineering. I am not sure I can rely on my companions for my preferred skills, I mean I won't go fetch one with Hacking or Lockpicking when I need it in the field. How much of a bonus can I plan on having at higher levels from a piece of armor or my companions? I might use one for Engineering, since I suppose that the high-level stuff can be crafted at a workbench having called
  5. Have you read the tutorial pop-ups about engagement mechanic ? The game doesn't have aggro mechanic, because that's ordering enemies what to do. And that would be silly. And the engagement mechanic is not silly? An automatic, poorly implemented taunt equivalent, that gives you only one option is better? A simple example: You are fighting a group of wolves. The tank is engaged with the pack leader and two trash, while everyone is fixated on one of the trash. So far so good, the trash focused on dies. Then the game reshuffles the tank's engagements and suddenly the pack leader sw
  6. You repeatedly implied that they were smarter than something. They are not. They are as dumb as the rest, yet players are not given tools to plan their fights. Because when everything is random you don't use coherent thought, you don't plan, you react, you zerg and dps.
  7. Imagine the outcry ... Congratulations, you just made all the tank builds/abilities UTERLY useless ... enemies break engagement all the time and the decorum decoy tanks can only tickle them as punishment ... Only viable talents/builds left -- DPS kill them before they kill you .. On top off all that some encounters designed around tank use might become near/trully impossible to win . You broke the game . I hope you are sarcastic, because even Master Below is killable with Eder specialized for DPS. It's harder, but can be done. He is not sarcastic but serious. And you have prov
  8. Oh they are dumb, and on purpose. If they weren't then there is no way a tank would be useful unless there is a door to physically block their path, and how often does the latter happen? If they weren't morons they would never even consider a guy in plate, they would beeline for the healers, then kill the casters, then progress in order of decreasing squishiness or dpsitude once the healers are down. Just like players do. But if enemies did that there would be no fun in playing and no point in having different specialties, everyone would just go max dps and hope enough survive at the end of t
  9. Eder is level 3, and the Defender "stance" is on. And he does engage 3 enemies and keeps them on himself until one dies. After this every enemy is on the melee dps. I am not sure, I'd have to replay some fights, but it even seemed that the other mobs, the ones hitting the tank but not directly engaged by him, switch to the dps barbarian even before that targeted mod goes down. So that "once close to the tank, forever stuck to him" mechanic does not seem to work. How is one supposed to aggro mobs on the second line then, when one is killed you just move the tank close to the newly reachable mob
  10. Basically, subj. I am running with a crew of stock NPCs on Normal. Party consists of my dps specced Barbarian, Eder, Aloth and Durance. I am currently in the Temple of Eothas, the first dungeon below the Gilded Vale. What I am seeing is that Eder has a lot of trouble keeping aggro. I put him on the first line in my custom formation, with the barbarian in the middle and the casters at the back. So typically he would run first into a group and engage them, and until the first one dies he still has aggro. But after that everyone is on my barbarian, or one of the casters if he had the audacity t
  11. I am confused about how Stealth works. From what I read, a rogue is supposed to get a bonus when starting a fight from stealth. But apparently only from a short distance, unlike the Ranger. On the other hand, in the list of rogue abilities/talents, I only see Backstab with a bonus when engaging from stealth, and so only that talent only works from short range? So if I decide I don't want to use it as an opener, I can keep 1 in Stealth and use the rogue as a ranger, using everything else from long range?
  12. I am hesitating between a ranged rogue or a barbarian for my main toon. Since there are dps and off-tank options later on, I guess I'll go ranged rogue, sounds more fun. So I would need Lore for the dialog options, then a bit of athletics for the cutscene checks, then, if I want to start my fights with a stealthed shot, some stealth. I suppose 1 point in stealth will be enough for this? (ideally a rogue should be able to lockpick and detect traps, but Lore sounds more important on the main)
  13. Thanks for the reply. But will they level up with the party, or will I, like in Wasteland 2, come back to the Stronghold at level 8 for instance to find a bunch of useless level 4s ?
  14. Hi, I usually play a new game once then move on, or may replay once some big expansion comeq out. I am usually trying to experience the most I can in one playthrough. So I'd like some advice on party setup, and am planning a Normal difficulty playthrough. I've done a bit of reading, and it appears that one can recruit either named NPC companions with personalities, stories and personal quests, or some generic ones from the inn. I suppose I would want to have my party made of the maximum possible amount of such NPC companions for RPG reasons, and choose one class for myself that does not have
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