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  1. yeah, it recycles souls into the world of the living. that was the MAIN point of it actually. In the world of PoE, nobody who dies will come back into existence with the wheel broken. it's like living in a world with a real heaven and hell, but now nobody who dies can go to either; everyone just stays in limbo. clearly, the "gods" looked at the creation of the wheel as a good trade. they get to siphon of a tiny bit of essence, and in return, you get reborn into the world (even if you don't recall normally who you were before). the question of where all those souls went before
  2. No one except yourself has argued that everyone is a mage or that wizards aren't special. So you've effectively won an argument against yourself, with arguments you made but no one else has. It only took him eleven pages though, so you know... uhm... Sorry, no. That's just depressing . Maybe reading some world news will cheer me up though Hey, our Prime Minister just gave birth to a baby girl! er... that was the only good news I could find on the world stage. sorry.
  3. I'm embarrassed to say (not really) that I often play a wizard or spellcaster the first time through any PC Rpg because... I like to see how they animate the spell effects. MONSTER GO BOOM! (tee hee!) well, for the last few years, most rpgs let me experience that kind of thing with nearly every class or class combo. From my perspective, I rather appreciate that. I no longer need to force myself to play a wizard just to see how they made things go boom.
  4. Sure there is - click on your user profile in the upper left corner -> Manage Ignore prefs.
  5. I played all the way through on PotD full scaling using the deadly deadfire mod (not solo)... and for most fights it seemed just right. guy did a nice job for a first attempt. did not notice any bugs.
  6. is there a way to block someone on these forums? I'd like to block each and every person that starts a political or societal argument on a gaming forum. and not just this one.
  7. On this weeks episode of "spot the authoritarian": hats: infuriating mechanisms of imposing liberalism on individuals who pretend not to be snowflakes while they try to control everyone else's choices? or just hats. YOU DECIDE! (hint: they're just hats)
  8. Yup, things are actually pretty expensive in this game. high level enchantments are BRUTALLY expensive, for example, especially for 2-handed weapons! IIRC legendary enchantment costs hard to get mats plus 60K? I found plenty of things to spend money on, and never felt like I was swimming in cash. even a high level haul from an enemy ship would usually net only about 10k in sales or so. and finding the treasure map and the hidden treasure? I think there was a grand total of about 50cp and a handful of gems, plus one unique item? now, people don't HAVE to spend their cash on
  9. not being annoyed by other ships is what the flag system is for. you can instantly swap flags the moment you see a ship you don't want to get into combat with.
  10. the game DID have a lot of easily avoided dialogue bugs, that were entirely noticeable (but apparently forgotten?) by pretty much everyone who played the game from start to finish, including myself. and by dialogue bugs, I mean serious things like quests getting reset, etc. there's a reason I make hundreds of saves when I play an obsidian game. that said, unlike PoE1, this time I WAS able to backtrack, maneuver around the bugs, and finish the game. which made it considerably better as a release than PoE1 was, and thus continues obsidian's slow but steady progress towards finally releasing
  11. I was going to say, "why not just make pets that have skill trees focusing more on buffing the ranger, instead of combat themselves" but then I realized... they already buff the ranger. there is actually little need to even use them in direct combat as the game stands.
  12. No xp gain I recently also finished playing "Battletech". In that game, injuries forced you into the medical facility for an extended period of healing, where you weren't available for missions. this could take up to 2 months, or even more in some cases. costs were implemented not only in the fact you were down a crew member (who is not gaining any xp), and might have to take less valuable contracts, but in that since there was salary, maintenance on your ship, etc... down time was expensive. this games comes CLOSE to that in having maintenance costs for your ship (and non adventu
  13. it's both intimidate and cruel that are favored, diplomacy and benevolent that are not, for bleakwalkers. there are a LOT of intimidate dialogue options in the game, often giving you the best results in many dialogues, which was nice. there are far fewer cruel dialogue options, but I have to say that most of those are quite amusing. just don't kick any puppies in front of eder. on the flip side, there are also a LOT of diplomatic options in dialogue, and sometimes they are hard to avoid without starting a fight, or perhaps getting a result you might not like otherwise. and again, fewer be
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