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  1. Ichthyic's post in [REQ] 3.01 files for GOG was marked as the answer   
    actually, the patch updates everything except the files it notes are the "wrong version", so you can save yourself even more time and just ask for the 3.02 versions.

    and I can give you those:


    in fact, I'll trade ya.

    can you upload your 3.02 copy of companion_caroc.unity3d , or even your 3.01 version - either will do?

  2. Ichthyic's post in Pull of Eora textures not loading was marked as the answer   

    if you are using the Gog version of the game, you MUST download and install the latest patch for ALL 3 PARTS of this game.

    to be explicit, you must:

    -download and install the patch for the base game
    -download and install the patch for WM 1
    -download and install the patch for WM 2

    I don't think you need to reinstall from scratch, although that is what I did and that worked as well.

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