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[REQ] 3.01 files for GOG



Hey guys,


Does anybody have the 3.01 GOG versions of llengraths_safeguard.unity3d & wizards_double.unity3d. I forgot to make a backup of them when I installed a mod.  :blush: Before anybody suggests it, I cannot do a file repair via GOG Galaxy because every time I do it can't connect to the server and GOG's help desk was no help.  :banghead: So my only recourse right now is to either replace those files so I can update to 3.02 or uninstall and reinstall the game. I'd rather go with the first option if possible. Thanks in advance.


I apologize if this is against the forum rules, but I have a legally purchased version of the game so I figured asking for those two files shouldn't be an issue. I can play the game as-is, I just can't update it.

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actually, the patch updates everything except the files it notes are the "wrong version", so you can save yourself even more time and just ask for the 3.02 versions.

and I can give you those:


in fact, I'll trade ya.

can you upload your 3.02 copy of companion_caroc.unity3d , or even your 3.01 version - either will do?


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Huh. The patch keeps quiting with an error saying it wasn't installed, which is why I was looking for those two files. Anyway, I'll get that file you wanted uploaded somewhere and send you the link. Thanks.

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