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  1. So! Good news everyone! Apparently there is a fix for this issue, or at least potentially if your game falls into a specific category of how a game handles free DLC. According to @DarkStarSword (Steam Username), it's as follows: I tried @DarkStarSword's idea, and at least for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, it seems to be working. Thankfully PoEII seems to land in the first column of games, and not the second; I hope that others are as lucky. And it just goes to show that this isn't a deliberate decision on Valve's part, as it doesn't show that I have the DLC. But the game inside does
  2. Further development on this issue: I made a reddit thread talking about this a bit. If reddit is more your speed, and you didn't want to post on the Steam forums. I would appreciate any comments there as well. Really any type of movement on this would be great, as I am not allowed to bump my Steam forum post, and conversation has sort of stopped for the time being seemingly. So if anyone that has experienced this issue (like @Azulmar ), or just wants it fixed. It would be fantastic if you could post in either of these locations. And if it's not too much trouble, would anyone that d
  3. Sorry to resurrect such an ancient thread haha. But I figured that I should continue here; since it has legacy, and still directly pertains to it. And also that way anyone that was watching this thread, can see any further developments. I have continued this problem directly with Steam Support, and have started a Steam forum thread. The thread can be found here: https://steamcommunity.com/discussions/forum/10/3658515990043882773/ I would greatly appreciate anybody that feels strongly about this issue, to go over there and post your desires for the removal of this "feature". Or even st
  4. @Azulmar: Not as of yet unfortunately. I've been in contact with Aarik and David on this, and they with Valve (who insists it's been fixed). And am currently awaiting another reply from David (I'm sure they're busy) on this matter. Thankfully they've been incredibly nice with this whole ordeal, and have gone way above in my opinion. On something that only really benefits them with the appreciation of a couple people who even realized it was happening. It's quite awesome of them. Hopefully this does eventually get resolved. As I also would hate to miss out on those free DLC.
  5. @David Benefield: Sorry for the late reply. I hadn't got notified there was a response to this forum for some reason until Azulmar posted. I will contact you via PM with my username, just in case you need further details that are a little more confidential we can continue it there. @Azulmar: Thanks for posting man. Glad/sad that I'm not the only one. Hopefully we can both get this figured out. EDIT: Nevermind haha, it wouldn't let me message you. Is it possible for you to initiate the chain, so I can then respond? If not, then let me know and I will post my details here. Just to clarif
  6. Just a bump to see if any other family sharing participants are experiencing this issue still, or if it's been resolved for them.
  7. @Mannock: Steam should just remove this "feature", or at the very least, default to off. Or something. Annoying that I even have to try and reach out to Obsidian, or that they even have to deal with this. Hopefully accessible free DLC is in my future haha.
  8. @Mannock: By "little box next to the DLC name", are you meaning the DLC area on the game's page? As in, when you click Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire in your library list, the DLC area right below achievements, and to the right? So for example, it might say: ITEM INSTALL ACQUIRED Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire - Rum Runner's Pack Installed [check] Added 6/27/2018 That area? Because if so, that'
  9. @Mannock: Thanks man, but that's just the normal way the free DLC works for PoE2 unfortunately. What's happening for me, is that it will launch the game like it should, but it never grabs the DLC. It's not added to my downloadable content list, nor even started in my downloads list. It never starts. Whereas the person who owns it just has to launch the game by clicking install on the free DLC, and it will start upon exiting the game. Also considering that Aarik D said he brought this to the team, and that they had fixed (or seemingly at least tried to) this. I'm inclined to believe there i
  10. Bumping just in case this has actually now worked for someone else, and it's a problem potentially on my end. Or if the team is aware of an issue, and there actually is a problem overall. As it's still not working for me as of yet. Sorry.
  11. Thanks very much Aarik D, and to the entire development team for getting on this, and quite quickly as well. Really appreciate it. However, and I hate to keep this going, but are you positive this has been added? Or is it going to be added in a patch perhaps and I misunderstood? As I still seem unable to add them to my game. Whenever I click to download a free DLC, it launches the game (which it does for the person who owns it too), but it never adds the content. Whereas for the person who owns the game; the content downloads upon exiting. If this has literally just been added, maybe i
  12. @Aarik D: No problem man, and thank you for forwarding it on. Will you be posting any relevant data here, or in patch notes? That way I'm (and others) are aware it was fixed? Or even not going to be fixed, whatever it may be. Thanks again, I sincerely appreciate it.
  13. Thanks man, how would I go about doing that? Just an @ and whatever the community manager's name is? For example: @communitymanager at the top of my post? First time here, sorry.
  14. Hello all, So for those who might not know (like me before Pillars). Apparently Steam can suppress the sharing of free DLC on family-sharing. Which means that even if you say went half-in on a title with a friend, you cannot have access to any free content that game possesses unless you were the "purchaser" of said content. Paid DLC is asininely fine. This is also allegedly up to the developer's/publisher's (not sure which) discretion, which they can either deactivate or not. However it seems like from my brief researching, that several studios were unaware of this and meant no ill-wil
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