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  1. Due to my own stupidity, I was stuck in a situation where I had no choice but to remove Durance from my party after recruiting him. After removing him, I cannot find him at all. I've checked in Brighthollow, the stronghold, and the inn in Gilded Vale, and nada. His quest still shows up in my quest log, so I'm assuming he's still alive somewhere, but he gave no inclination as to where he would go in his departing lines, so either a) I can't find him because I'm overlooking something, b) he's no longer available and the quest is erroneously in my log, or c) he's supposed to be available but
  2. I was unfortunately stuck in a dungeon with Durance maimed at 1hp and with 0 supplies. When I was exiting the dungeon I was ambushed, and no matter what I did they would always target him first and thus he would die. So I re-loaded my game, and told him to leave, hoping I could pick him up again later. Thing is, I can't seem to find him. I checked Mogran's Fork, the inn at Gilded Vale, and the stronghold, and couldn't find him. Anyone know where he is? His quest is still in my journal so I assume he's still alive somewhere.
  3. I am running the game in windowed mode with cage cursor enabled. On loading the game, the game briefly appears halfway between my first and second monitor. After fully loading, it fixes itself - however, the caged cursor seems to think the screen is still in it's original position, and so I cannot select half of the screen. Alt tabbing out does seem to remedy this for now.
  4. Confirmed for me as well, this also happens after scripted events such as Though I find alt tabbing out and in works as well. Note that I'm running the game in windowed mode.
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