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  1. Turning on and off speakers (while guessing how much time narration will take in case it's between the lines) is surely not the most enjoyable thing to do.
  2. Still remember when I've chosen some cipher level 1 power (Antipathetic Field, I think) which says the beam will affect enemies between you and your target except it will affect anyone, friend or foe. Party didn't approve. That's downright sabotage.
  3. As I'm seeing it, since talent points is a limited resource making the player choose what is essentially the same talent multiple times is just not fun (although it can be mechanically effective). What needs to be done is to evaluate whether a given talent is good enough choice (more or less) throught the time you can select it till max level. If it isn't you don't create Greater/Better X talent, you make it so that this X talent scales at some fixed point(s) where appropriate. Although, I suppose, as hilfazer mentioned it's more like lines in PoE2. D&D and its descendants seem to like feat trees for some reason. I don't, though.
  4. I'd rather suggest we move away from talent trees and if those 2 aren't up to the task they should improve with character level.
  5. IMO, leave pale elves as is, and make fire godlikes +4 burn armor plus something else.
  6. I think I'd rather see schools go. Not sure what I'd replace them with, though. Maybe keywords themselves are enough and you'd just specialize in some shtick, not the whole school of arbitrariness.
  7. I didn't because… it didn't sound like a joke? %) Ok, that's kind of a weird way of going about it if I don't understand it myself. But, well, ok then, thanks
  8. So, I've just imported my PoE1 save and… Why is "Who are you?" shown as a result of my PoE1 actions? I had Edér all the time, unlike Durance, whom I never allowed to join. Or is that icon not what I think it means?
  9. I'd rather not have any prequels. They can't live up to what you have in your mind when you pick bits and pieces in my experience.
  10. Which kinda sucks for those of us who only play once. Well, fortunately, there is alternative solution.
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