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  1. Huh, well thats quite a change. So the rumors are true. While the fear is big that the games Obsidian and inXile will produce now will be console ports and/or more casual games then hardcore RPG niche games, there is at least this quote from Microsoft: So at least this sounds to me that they still want these companies to produce their games mainly on PC and creating RPGs. But it would be good to know if Obsidian will now produce more casual games for the mass market (that would really be a bummer...) or if they will still produce similiar games like today.
  2. Sounds very promising! Pillars of eternity got an 8/10 last time from the magazine and now 9,5/10. Nice.
  3. Hi all, does anyone know at what time the review embargo is lifted? Can we expect the first reviews and test scores soon from Australia and Russia, maybe today/tonight (i am living in europe)? It is already the 8th in australia! I can barely contain my hype!
  4. If you guys go to the IGN live youtube you can go back to the interview. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IaYO4a4SsTs Since it is a live stream it should at the moment be at the end of the video. It comes right after the pokemon game. EDIT: Too slow
  5. Well the ign interview went pretty well in my opinion. The new effects and lightning looked pretty good. Not so much new information was revealed but I guess we have now a first look at how the fighting System has changed. I also like that the prerequisites in the dialoge are now presented as little Icons. And the hand drawn portraits which I didnt like in the beginning are okay I think. Oh and then there was the release window Q1 2018 mentioned!
  6. Is it confirmed that takehu is a moon godlike? I was under the impression that he has his own special godlike race like pallegina.
  7. Feargus confirmed in the comments that paypal pledges after the campaign will add towards the Stretch goals Text form because i am too lazy to make a screenshot "Yes, we will continue to add pledges we get after the campaign for a while. We will have to have a cut off date though, since we need to know what we have to put in the game." So maybe we will get a little PayPal boost to reach the 5 mill...or at least the other unanounnced stretch Goals
  8. THAT VIDEO WITH JOSH. Could not stop laughing. Great stuff!
  9. There will be 3 subclasses for every class to choose from right at the beginning when you choose a base class or if you multiclass for the first time. There will be no advancement of a subclass. Which is good in my opinion. Except priest and paladin, because their subclass is the deity and order and I think Obsidian mentioned that they want to at least include all choices from PoE 1. So these two classes will probably have more subclasses to choose from.
  10. I just looked up on kicktraq how many backers PoE 1 had and how the trend was progressing. They got 30k in the first two days, that is really amazing. If you take into account that at round about 35% of the kickstarter campaign Obsidian reached about 60% of their total backer amount, you could compare that to fig (we compare just the trend so it should be valid to a certain point) we should then reach about 34000 backer in the end. That would mean if we start at 20.500 backer there would be approximately 9 islands. But I dont know how the "Invest" option can skew this thought process.
  11. That makes me really happy! Also it is a good idea to include all portraits from POE1. That means there is a much bigger pool of portraits to choose from. Yeah, those IWD portraits are pretty amazing too. It would be difficult for me to choose between those and those from BG. Yup, those were great. On topic, I really like the artstyle but I hope they change the background. Anyway, I'll wait to see them in-game to judge. Maybe if they show a video how it will look like in the game sometime in the future i will change my opinion. The point is I can really understand why they would go with easier to create portraits.
  12. Well if that is true I am fine with the decision because i make myself no illusion of how expensive it is to create just one portrait in the style they have done before. That is probably the best way to give some merchants/quest npcs/enemies a "face" (even if I dont like the portraits ). Would be interesting to see how two different style of portraits fits the aesthetical look of the game!
  13. Hey guys, so, I am really stoked to play POE2. I love POE 1 and everything in it and I am glad that I can help crowdfunding a sequel. Even with the decision to play with a party of 5 instead of 6 I am on board with now (was against it when I first read the announcement but I decided to trust Obsidian that it will be a better experience). So up until now there were only amazing bits and bytes to read about the sequel and really cool stretch goals....right until today.... I am really sad to say that I absolutly despise the watercolor-style portraits, if they stay the same which they are right now in update 4 (really strong word, I know). I dont know why, but I love the detailed and colorful portraits in BG1/2 and POE1. I never had a problem with the fact that only a fraction of the npcs had a individual portrait. I really try to like the waterstyle-portraits but they just doesnt work for me at all (assuming they are exactly looking like in update 4). So my questions: Are those the same portraits for the recruitable npcs? It would be strange to have two different types of portraits for npcs (and/or main char) but I really dont want those watercolor-style portraits for my party. I guess it would be okay for me if they are only for non-recruitable-characters (I just waiting for someone to throw the words "wait for a mod" at me). But if they use the POE1-style portraits for all recruitable-characters and the watercolor-style for every other, i am 100% onboard with the decision and the stretch goal! And how do you like the portraits? Like i said, I really wish I would like the Portraits but I am a sucker for those detailed POE1/BG/BG2 portraits.
  14. No, my cipher has a bow as a first and a gun as a second weapon set
  15. Hey guys, i just discovered a double description when selecting amplified thrust. Is just a small and tiny thing but I want to report it. Keep up the great work!
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