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  1. After several attempts on killing Nemnok the last night with party composed of Pellagina, Serafen, Maia and Tekehu, I strongly discourage you on playing with Serafen on PoTD. This is a long fight so it highlights how of a terrible companion he is. I'd encountered some weird deaths of my teammates before resulting in reloading the game and couldn't really understand what was going until I saw Serafen 'Wild Mind' using Death by 1000 Cuts and Disintegration on himself and the others. I know it seems nice to play with the members of each faction but this guys basically means random deaths&
  2. 1. There's still crowd in front of Caed Nua after completing the quest to defend it. 2. If you use an item that incease movement speed, characters don't use running animation anymore. They alter it on fast-walking animation (it looks really funny).
  3. It says 'hillock warmed by the sun, the place of rest for the dead ones; look at their bodies and shed a tear'. It's saying that dead people lie under the ground, not that you have to camp near them. Not even suggesting it. It's a tip to look for a cementary, nothing else.
  4. Polish version is already so bad I usually have to change into English version or search in the Internet to understande what the description says. It seems to be made with google translator. Anyway, I'm here to ask to fix 'grey sleeper'. Polish description says literally nothing about resting, meaning you have no clue how to push the quest forward. Is it doable for you? English version: rest Polish: look. Just ran across all the cementaries in the game, no luck. I had to check the walkthrough what I hate to progress. I mean, I still can't progress because char with 'grey sleeper' doesn't
  5. Every few hours weapon and shield of my main character disappear from in-game view, although they are still visible in the inventory. As you can see in the left side of the picture, my char has no weapon and no shield. He also cannot attack (both set AI and manual order don't work). It happened a few times to the other charaters as well but mostly to my char. btw How do you upload images? It says I'm not allowed to use .jpg file on this community oO http://postimg.org/image/5swpg3r5p/
  6. I actually tried to report this bug as well, just couldn't log on to my account. I'm certain none of my characters gets healed up via Ancient Memory despite having 2 chanters with this ability in my team.
  7. I find most of the pre-made companions to be weaker than hirelings from the inns. That's why I want to skip them. The question is: how much of 'role-play' do you lose, leaving companions behind? I find their... em... comments to be flat and artificial, not-connected to each other, they also don't matter in terms of reaction of people you talk to (even if they say something offensive, no one cares). That's about vanilia. I want to start WM1 and don't know if things got changed here and it's actually worth it to have some pre-made companions or not. What do you think? btw. Is there any way t
  8. What's about quick switching? I already read it several times. Do you mean you're not going to reload and simply switch to the next prepared gun? It sounds like a starcraft2-micro scale every battle. I also enjoy playing as glass cannon as it makes you work more about not letting bad guys get into your dps line what makes combat even more interesting. I'm not exactly talking about bottle neck with 2 tanks, more about precise choice of who to kill next or take control of. So is there any class other than Cipher that can be awesome with high INT, PER and RES? Maybe except chanters. After my
  9. I started a new potd game with following stats: Might 18 Con 3 Dex 18 Per 18 Int 18 Res 3 I'd like to be a good ranged dps and have as much speech options unlocked as I can. I can't have them with low res though. As I know, high dex used to be useless for gun users. Is it stil true in 3.0? Can you be a nice dps with, let's say, a blunderbuss with low dex? If so, I could put points from dex into res.
  10. The thing is, we don't need more accuracy. 1. Before level 9: our main attack phrase are Soft Winds. Because of the number of the enemies we approach and the time the battles last, Winds will lower the last enemies' hp to ~ 50-60% before our summon ghost kill them. I remember hitting for so much with Winds, some enemies (in the end of second act!) simply died because of this chant. It's so fast that even if you miss one of its attack (that hits for 2hp) with our accuracy, it doesn't matter. We constantly use powerful figurines to buy us some time if we kite too many enemies at once. On
  11. Minus -24% means nothing because of 5 things (actually, about -20 as we have some +might because of Gift from Machine and probably more from gear). 1. You miss 1 of every 3 or 4 attacks that support your summons that deal actual damage. Your role is to stay behind and conveniently burn them with your dragon chant while your summons slaughter them all and because of the amount of summons you can provide to the battlefield, you'll be fine doing this that way. 2. Usually fast, weak enemies will get you first, blocking stronger monster. We don't want them to die too quick before our summons weak
  12. I started the game on 2.03 and had completed half of it when patch 3.0 came out. With ghost summon nerf (20s into 12) it's still easier to play as a chanter because of recovery talents buffs and new fast-singing talent. PoE seems to be more balanced on 3.0 too, with some of the enemies removed (adra and stone beetles, skaen's worshipers) and changed skills. Race: I completed my run as wild orlan but I do believe Moon Goodlike would be better to accomplish the task. More about this thought below. As mentioned in the title, we are going to tank everything and use our summons as much as w
  13. Nyrid keeps trying to escape like every 2 or 3 days and keeps falling to manage so everytime.
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