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Found 7 results

  1. I had some ideas for some power generation and powered traps and weapons that could be fun to use and build... SOLAR BANK: This will be one of the renewable power generation methods. Crafted from bug rubber (insulators), smooth quartzite (quartzite + pebblet, the panel), ant parts (sturdy mechanical fastenings) and clay (foundation), they produce power during the daytime. WINDMILL: The windmill is a renewable energy producer that does better in higher or more open areas but not well in other areas. Crafted from bee wings (since we are getting bees), ant parts (mechanical fastenings)
  2. Hello, i would like to ask if anyone can explain how the ,,Power Level,, in Deadfire works exactly. Comprehensively and in detail please. Thank you in advance.
  3. When Lini encountered the Trapped Chest on the Waterfront I used her powers Animal Trick and Beast Form. When I went to roll the dice, the dice would not roll but the animal I chose (crow) would snap to my finger as if dragging it around. The crow was the only thing I could interact with other than the cancel action button. When I tried to cancel all powers the single die would still not roll. After a lot of cancel this, switch view that, I was able to get the single die roll to execute, without powers (so I auto fail), so I was not stuck forever. Answers to requested questions below.
  4. What do you think about an oportunity for gaining some superpowers in game ? Im thinking in general something of plot related or complatly optional. For exampe a mad scientist kidnap you and is making some horrible experiments and you become undead, half-demon etc ... Or mayby in visiting a old mantion a Vampire bites you and you become vampire yourself ... Or maybe even you make some secret ritual and became a Lich ? ... What do you think ?
  5. What do you fink about power limits in eternyty shoud it be like jrpg 1 hit everythng burns or more realistic ?
  6. This isn't a major problem, but it is one that sometimes kind of bothers me when I look at the NPCs working with my character in a game. Often I don't think their level of power makes very much sense. So, in Baldur's Gate 2, you have party members from BG, who should be as powerful as you. You have a few local heroes/mercenaries who have proven their worth through their great struggles. Then you have characters like Aerie and Nalia, who should not even be anywhere close to your power. Aerie is just a former circus slave with a bit of teaching in clerical arts and magic, but who has never a
  7. Nope, this isn't a thread demanding answers about how awesome crafting and enchanting will be, or how will souls augment an epic weapon, but rather I wanted to talk about how much information should we the player get about magic items as we play through it? One of the weaknesses of RPGs with lots of explicit mechanics and lots and lots of explicit detail is that sometimes all of that lore and all of those numbers go so deep and is so precise that it removes any sense of discovery or mystery. It's like when you played in a PnP game as a teenager and finally got your hands on the Dungeon Ma
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