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  1. 10/10, would read again. What a way to appease romance supporters. Be careful what you wish for, eh? Honestly, this thread has been a bit of a reminder of the importance of emoticons. Although to be fair, there have been worse romance mods made for BG2.... not to mention any names.
  2. Hello, I know this is jumping the gun given that the game doesn't have all of the expansion packs, and given that a modding framework hasn't been devised yet(and may be difficult given certain design choices). However, I know that a lot of people have wanted romantic options in the game given the lengthy romance threads, and it seems likely that if romances will exist in Pillars of Eternity, that modders will have to add them at some point. Because of this, it seems reasonable to maybe start thinking on the groundwork of this, particularly the idea of modding a Durance romance. After a
  3. Ok, in many worlds, divine beings are classified very straight-forwardly as gods in a pantheon. They all recognize the existence of the other gods, and they are all very substantially similar. They all belong to the same kind of theological structure. My thinking on this is why not move away from that kind of model and into variations in deity shape, size, nature, and so on. So, let's just imagine One of Many as a god. One of Many is viable a divine concept, but is also moving away from too much focus on 1 person = 1 divine. Another possible model to consider in variation is the Trinity in
  4. Ok, so the recent kickstarter update mentioned that the designers are considering the religious make-up of the world. Well, I want theology. I think the Dragon Age universe did a pretty good job of having some theological framework within it. At least with making the chantry unique and distinct and somewhat fleshed out.(Though mostly as kind of a variant of Christianity) Planescape arguably is similar in being very theological. Well, I think theology makes some sense for religion. Maybe not EVERY religious notion having a clearly defined theology to it, but certainly that individuals a
  5. Hunh, well, following up with this: http://forums.obsidi...311#entry725311 I would rather have Sawyer's implementation than nothing at all. I think romances add to the game, by adding a layer of depth and integration, as people do end up caring about the romance and it's path, so the idea of creating a mind-screw romance would itself be interesting. Amusingly BG2's romances were full of all sorts of crap, but very popular. So, Viconia kept on freaking out about her emotional problems. Aerie whined all of the time. Jaheira was freshly widowed. But they were very liked just the same. Obviou
  6. The only minigame I've really respected is the persuasion minigame in Deus Ex:HR. The others are just kind of boring, and just something that gets in my way. So, I don't think a minigame will add anything. Even that minigame was only good because it was clever and revealed more about the characters in the story, but it's not as good for a game that tends towards text.
  7. Right.... I acknowledged this: At the same time, if you look at the wiki, with quotes from devs at earlier points on the classes, you see things like this: "Fighters are men and women trained to use a wide variety of traditional weapons in brutal combat. They are often put in -- or put themselves in -- harm's way and are built to take an extraordinary amount of punishment. Though not traditionally as mobile as the monk nor as likely to dish out individually withering attacks as a rogue, fighters are dependable and flexible" "And while fighters are often thought of as being pri
  8. Ok, I recognize that we have a lot of different threads about individual classes or sets of classes. I'd think a major issue is really how each class fits into a role within a party. While the designers have expressed a desire to have flexibility enough where a party can be comprised entirely of one class, it's also been expressed that certain classes will naturally be stronger in certain areas than others. So, I think looking at the system from a bird's eye has some value. I'm going to provide a sketch of what I perceive as class tendencies and their natural roles, and others can add thei
  9. It's not a big deal either way to me. So long as it's not to a degree where it is annoying, I'm fine with it. So, in NWN Hordes of the Underdark, Cania had the environmental hazard of being so cold that it would harm the party. There were two options: either special fires needed to be started, or it would just have to be endured. That's fine. It's not too bothersome. It's not desired per se, but it's not incredibly irritating, so it's fine. If it's fitting or desirable on the part of designers to include an environmental hazard in the area, then they can do so, just so long as this hazard isn'
  10. This sounds more like an annoyance than anything else. Inventory management is the part of playing an RPG game that I care the least about. I'm absolutely fine with making sure my characters have the best swords, as that's not a huge commitment. I can be convinced that arrows and healing potions are important for me to have a large stockpile of. Asking me to keep up with anything beyond this is just annoying though, as it simply means that I have to spend time thinking about whether my mage has sufficient mandrake roots and I don't want to play "Inventory Management Quest". I mean, this re
  11. I don't know yet. I've usually had my class dictated to me somewhat by non-combat roles that needed to be filled. Having a game where this isn't a factor I can use is pretty new to me, so I'll have to see what I think will be the most mechanically interesting class, and they haven't given enough information yet. Possibly Cipher though.
  12. I agree with this concern. That's why I'd push for a dungeon of this size to be very supernatural in it's workings. So, "magic causes it" can resolve a lot of these problems, even without seeming too ad hoc. If the demon or magical snarl is powerful enough, then anything could result from it. Also, the supernatural often desires mortal interaction, so it will make itself habitable in certain senses while still dangerous. So, it will have sufficient air, but a lot of other horrible creatures will result from it existing. I think a plausible solution could be to have earlier levels be
  13. I think this is a cool idea. It doesn't have to be literally every party member, but certainly having a good number change their perspectives on something would be nice. I don't think it should be automatic, like "You have influence therefore this character thinks like you now". Instead, it should be dialogue and personality driven. Who knows? Maybe some character will start to be LESS like you by your influence on him(contrarian streak?), and you become some sort of argument buddy with him than a mentor. I mean, variations can be fun.
  14. I feel like this debate is really kind of empty. Saying something is more of a science fiction theme isn't to say that it's invalid for fantasy, only that it's less of a thematic fit in certain ways. That doesn't restrict creativity, boundaries are in some sense needed for creativity, as creativity needs to be able to play with boundaries and violate them. Without the boundary, there isn't the play or the violation. Kind of like with tropes, without a trope, you can't subvert it, and a subverted trope or a lampshaded trope is more interesting than no trope. Sometimes, you do want to play t
  15. I don't think classes have a clear definition. Each class is a vague family of concepts that are different enough from other concepts to be fruitfully cut away. So, in one system, it may make sense to combine barbarians, monks, paladins, and rangers into one class, but others may break it out more. Some will break it out further, with prestige classes and additional base classes. It's entirely possible that some of these divisions will conflict somewhat. So, in DAO, ranger was a rogue subtype, but in most other cases, ranger is considered more of a warrior subtype. The point of a class
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