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  1. From what I know there are some changes in dialogue in a Glimpse Beyond quest if you do it after BoW. Vatnir has one extra line I think. There is also one quest in base game that involves the circle of archmagi and from what I've seen in the dialogue files there are some changes if you do the quest after TFS. Not sure if there's a quest related to SSS? Drawing a blank in this case.
  2. I managed to solve my issue by using unity console and debugging the dialogue. Would looking into my older save be still helpful to you?
  3. Can I just endorse this artist who made a small portrait pack for Deadfire here. There's a nature godlike, a cool orlan and aumaua and some elves.
  4. Well... he leaves it up to chance, as far as I understand. It can end up not growing at all or not in his lifetime. Meanwhile Llengrath wants to cultivate a body for her former self. Both ideas are concerning but I'd go with Tayn's I guess. Because it may fail.
  5. I played a little of TFS today and Ydwin's lines were voiced so I guess it means so are narrator's
  6. If I understand your question correctly the legacy creator is there to just set up a story without having to play PoE1 again. So if you want to use your old PoE1 save you don't use the save creator. I don't know how you can check your story choices in game. There are some instances where characters will call back to what happened in the previous game, it's indicated by an icon. If what they say is contradictory to what actually happened in your game then it's a bug.
  7. I guess make sacrifice to Ondra event probably requires religious/pious crew member to fire.
  8. I'm pretty sure the saves are in Users>Your User Name>Saved Games>Pillars of Eternity. And in the same place in a folder called LegacyGameHistories you will find your custom created legacies.
  9. I collected all volumes of The Annals of Llengrath, talked to her about the books without giving them to her, got a journal update suggesting I give them to Tayn first, talked with Tayn about the books but the only option I had was to tell him that I haven't collected them all yet (and I do have all of them). I have no dialogue option to give them to him. I still can give them to Llengrath.
  10. If there's going to be PoE3 then I'd love to see Fassina, Vatnir, Hiravias, Maneha and Tayn who's not a companion but I just think he's neat. (Vatnir could have a cameo tbh, i'd just like to see how he changes). As for advisor type of an NPC I guess it could be nice but I don't have a preference here. Whatever would work for the specific game I guess. There's always Steward and her role wasn't really big in Deadfire.
  11. Yeah, my Watcher's relationship with Iovara came up in a conversation with Tekehu.
  12. The scene after Ashen Maw when Eothas holds the Watcher and their party in his hand and the Watcher also reconnects with their soul. It was very evocative and moving. I also like discovering new things that I previously missed. Like for example the imp in The Hole has a banter with Fassina.
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