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  1. Don't lose hope. PoE3 could still solve that mystery. Specially if Hiravias comes back. Are there any comments on PoE3?
  2. The first moment looks like a full Summoner combination! Will be? Can you play alone? Anyone who has ever played or knows, can you be a fun and powerful class? What are the Pros and Cons of this combination?
  3. I haven't done it yet. I like her personality (until now), and might try to romance her. But computer game romances are pretty shallow, my opinion. They can be fun, but I don't get emotionally invested in them ;-) She does Jaheira's romance at Baldur's Gate 2 and tells me if she's still going to think so ^^ Romance worked from the 1st, in a way. lol Just an example.
  4. From what I read of the commentaries, none of them came close to the novels of Baldur's Gate 2. In PoE2 the Romances give a certain extra in the story, but it does not have a deeper development and / or it affects the history of some way. But the iterations are of romance as only iterations between the companions and with you, are at least fun and guarantee a good fun? (Laughter and the like ...) Is there any prospect for some upgrade or expansion than an extra romance? What better or add things in this sense?
  5. Llendreth. Hot, sweaty, fuzzy, short. Or does that only show up if you have an Orlan PC? Is Llendreth a companion, ship's helper or ...? Is it romanceable? I did not understand the condition for this to happen? Omg no one is voting. U.U "
  6. There is a possible:- romance between Xoti and Maia. - fling between Xoti and Eder, that ends with friendship, if I'm not mistaken. Btw, do you use the word [Doubt] in place of the [Question]? In Deadfire? Hmm, the answer is closer to: none of the options spark me. I've tried a romance with Maia, but it does not feel satisfying, because.. hmm, how to better elaborate..: - Maia almost puts it like: dance around Ishiza and I'm yours - there is no emotional intimacy - and in the end, it looked like you are just two occasional f*** buddies Xoti's romance is not really appealing
  7. Comment, but vote! Please. ^^ They spoke in Aloth but he is without a vote, of xoti, but she is without a vote. etc. Do you consider Aloth as something closer to a good novel, to continuity? (Go to the end of the game?) Can NPC 'Mirke' have romance? Assurance? Does it say that inside the RP, or do I really need to check the "Religion" option on my character? I could explain better, I did not quite understand that. You must have a flirtation between fellows, I hope, because it is nice to see this kind of development. How did you like Maia as Romance? It was
  8. Statistics and comparison with default class. There are 5 choices for a pure chanter. No Subclass Bellower Troubadour Beckoner Skald. Now, if they were perfectly balanced (and the playerbase large enough), peoples preference should be around 20% for each. They are not. Troubadour is majorly favoured. This is because compared to default class, Troubador is plain better. There is no reason to choose default chanter. No matter what you want to do with default chanter, Troubador does it better. Troubadour can cast the same invocations, phrases have longer linger, and all it cost
  9. Do not forget to vote! Explain why you consider this romance fun! If some other romance NPC exists in the Game, talk about it! If you are considering a mod, leave the link and talk about it. Doubt: Is There Romance Among NPCs? Or only with the players?
  10. Exact! But if the minstrel keeps active the quick gain of phrases, he loses in Chants that will not have an extra duration in this case he will not be able to have 2 overlapping effects (And if it can be for a short time). Or am I mistaken?
  11. How many points in skills, skills, etc. A single class, and a multiclass receive in total? Is it possible to have 35 points on 2 attributes? (It seems that 35 is the maximum, for example 35 INT) Does the difficulty of monsters increase or decrease based on the number of characters?
  12. 1) Notoriously the Beckoner should be the main summoner. 3) What makes the Overpower Troubador, that I can not understand.
  13. Can you tell me why the Troubadour Herald) is so dear, the Beckoner, as I understand it, was designed to be actually the "Summoner," but for some reason the people are fissured in the Trovador, with practically 100% Poll I did. Regarding the invocation of both I understood the good: Both maintains the same damage, however the Beckmaner has double invocations with 50% of life, duration and size. It would be Damage (Beckoner) vs. Resistance (Troubadour), speaking of invocations. Now comes the doubt: * Troubadour: Quick Phrase ON: It gains phrase 2x faster (3s), in exchange the songs lose the
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