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  1. I'm sorry but the concept of "chase" (in the game we have a proper and veritable physical chase not a spiritual chase) entails urgency by definition.
  2. If this is the definition of an open-world game (which I'm not arguing), the plot they have selected for Deadfire is the worst one possible for such a game. I'm not an expert in this field by any means, but basic logic tells that if you want the player to get the sense of freedom when exploring the world, you don't come up with a plot that by its nature entails a sense of urgency. I don't know, it's not my intention to sound harsh, but it almost looks like a rookie mistake.
  3. Yeah, I also find the work of Paul Kirsch among the most memorable from Deadfire. I hope that he will be allowed to have even more influence in future installments.
  4. This looks to be fine. According to the wiki, you need 22 assist from your party for a +7 .
  5. Yeah, I noticed that as well. That option came as a surprise to me as it was not evident at all based on the dialogue with the Faces. However, why do you say that they went on murder rampage? Is it perhaps described in the ending slides (coz if it is then it's fine, as I did not retake Ukaizo - I'm waiting for the 3rd DLC) or did I miss it somehow?
  6. Pay attention to the stacking rules as explained in the mechanics. If you have active/modal abilities (consumables fall into this category as well) that increase certain attributes, only the best upgrade is taken into consideration. For sure you shouldn't see +5 accuracy from both potions but at most from one. It could be from none if you have a third active/modal ability that also gives you at least +5 accuracy (like paladin zealous focus).
  7. As per my tests it does scale with PL but I don't know the exact formula. Every time the character is hit a side unbending effect is applied (has the same name but it's different). This side unbending effect heals at every tick. Now the heal per tick does not seem to scale with PL or Might but looks to be dependent on the damage received: DmgReceived*0.33*0.6 (for unbending trunk). However, the length of this side unbending effect scales with PL. At PL 7 I was seeing a duration of 5.6s irrespective of the damage dealt. This should be the default duration as the unbending trunk is also a martial ability of level 7. Also the intelligence of my character was at 10 (not sure yet if intelligence affects the duration of this side unbending effect). I am wondering though, why this weird default value. With the same character, at PL 9 I was seeing a duration of 6.2s. So, I guess it's roughly a 5% increase in length per PL (neglecting errors due to roundings as displayed in the various interfaces). Interesting that Might does not seem to have an effect whatsoever. Later edit: Intelligence does also affect the length of the side unbending effect together with PL. It 's again roughly 5% per attribute point. So, to sum up, I think we have something like this for unbending trunk: Health_per_Tick=Received_Dmg*0.33*0.6; Duration_of_Healing=5.6s*[1+0.05*(Intelligence-10)]*[1+0.05*(PL-7)]
  8. The big question was not with respect to destroying the wheel (which all endings get) but to the specific capability of Eothas to destroy the whole Eora in the bad ending. This brings the further question of whether the other gods have this power as well and if not why? If the other gods also have this power then the justification for Rymrgand not using it but taking his time is a bit to say the least. I really hope it's more than that and I proposed a possible explanation. I was just wondering if there are other suppositions (or facts) on this matter.
  9. Yeah, I would like to see this resolved as soon as possible as well. It's one of those things that doesn't look like a big thing but which enforces the impression that the game did not get to the level of maturity to be considered a polished game. PS: please do something with the description of Armored Grace as it has nothing to do with the actual effect of the ability (same for the pets that have the identical effect)
  10. When dual wielding Grave Calling with another open, the freezing lash gets applied to both of them. I know that there has been a history of this bug happening with other weapons in the past but I know that some of the occurrences have been fixed (for example Modwyr). As of patch 3.0 this still happens with Grave Calling, so not sure if this is intended or not. If intended the description of the ability should be updated to differentiate it from the other cases (like the example I provided with Modwyr).
  11. As of patch 3.0 I can confirm that while testing another ability of Scordeo's Edge, I was able to get more than 10 stacks of Adaptive.
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