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  1. Very disspapointed Obs have not ficed the EXP gain ussuw witht this game. Hitting max level 50-60% of the way through tthe game is really really studid game design Are there any mods to fox this? A mod that did a 15% exp penalty would be a good way to start?
  2. Can a Dev please let us know what will happen if we start a play-through now in the patch beta and we want to start forgotten sanctum when it releases? Are you sure it will be compatible?
  3. So it appears that no more news has come out about BG3. You would have thought that some journalist would have found some more information by now. All we had was on tweet from that avellon guy and thats it? Has anyone else heard anymore about it being in production? I am personaly going to right it off as being a rumor
  4. The reviews have allways been high for Deadfire. It is currently and allways has been since release the top rated RPG on metacritic for 2018. Tied with Monster Hunter World. For some reason that is not translating across into sales.
  5. Its a completely different feel i think. Maybe this is becasue of the setting though? Finaly out of the Mediterranean and back to reality?
  6. Very Good DLC IMO. But now it has 100% been officially confirmed that the level cap will not be being raised and there will be no new power levels? Otherwise they would have stated that in this announcement surely. So now i have to find the best mod to fix this........ahhhhhh
  7. Are you referring to the evidence where obsidian reused nearly all the same spells and abilities from the first game and then made evryone start from level one and reuse them again or are you talking about other evidence?
  8. Just like previews two DLC it is a smaller addition, and it is unlikely they will be adding something as big as extra levels. When asked about the extra XP on one of the streams one of the devs said they might look at readjusting XP gain once all DLCs are released. Whenever it will happen remains to be seen. Just the sheer fact that Obsidian have to " Have a meeting" and " Discuss the issue" with people hitting the level cap at 50% of the game completed says alot. It shoud never have gotten to this ridiculous situation in the first place. People play these games mainly for power
  9. Looks like he has been badly misled by youtubers, because though spells/abilities are often "the same", or seem so, PoE 2 differs from 1 quite substantially (unlike in case of BG1/2, let alone their EE versions). If that was the only beef he had with Deadfire, he can buy it, no worries. Anyway, I would prefer starting from level 1 even if it did not differ, because RPG systems invariantly work best at lower levels and only get worse the further one progresses, so I am happy with Deadfire not mimicking BG2. He wasnt mislead by YT. The spells for Wizards, Druids, Priests, Ciphers are a
  10. If you don't use XP reduction mods and complete all of the bounties, you'll hit the cap at about 65-70% of the game. That was before the release of the three expanaions. Yeah i agree with you. In my last playthrough (when only the beast of Winter was released) i hit max level at about 65% of the game completed. So after two more expansions you will hit max level at around 50%. Again people wonder why the game isnt selling well when there are stupid game implementations like this
  11. So i just spoke to one of my old buddies who also enjoys playing CRPGs. I asked him if he had played deadfire and he said this: “ No i havent purchased the game and I probably wont end up purchasing it. I dont see the point in buying the game because you have to start all over again at level 1 just like i did in POE1. In the baldurs gate series i was able to continue advancing my character after he hit the level 9 level cap In bg1 and then continue to advance him to around level 20 in bg2. I watched youtube videos of game reviewers reviewing deadfire and was very dissapointed to see that o
  12. Are they going to raise the level cap and introduce another power level ? Hitting the max level 20 with 50% of the game left is just stupid game making implementation that beggars any kind of realistic belief.
  13. What ever did Gromnir do to you to warrant a parallel to the Next Iteration? Gromnir usually brings interesting and varied stuff (and never breaks character!), while the Iteration does not even have a sound argument, it has a personal grudge that it repeats ad nauseam. QED (bolded by me): Dude. I noticed. I noticed after the first 10 times you wrote that. And that's exactly why I dismiss it -- you offer personal, emotional issues and assert those are objective arguments. Furthermore, you fault Obsidian for doing their own thing instead of Ctrl+C Ctrl+V, you claim that copypasta is
  14. The good news is that Wizards of the Coast are about to announce three major PC games set in the Forgotten Reams. Im praying one of them is a CRPG like BG2
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