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  1. I'm sorry but the concept of "chase" (in the game we have a proper and veritable physical chase not a spiritual chase) entails urgency by definition.
  2. If this is the definition of an open-world game (which I'm not arguing), the plot they have selected for Deadfire is the worst one possible for such a game. I'm not an expert in this field by any means, but basic logic tells that if you want the player to get the sense of freedom when exploring the world, you don't come up with a plot that by its nature entails a sense of urgency. I don't know, it's not my intention to sound harsh, but it almost looks like a rookie mistake.
  3. Yeah, I also find the work of Paul Kirsch among the most memorable from Deadfire. I hope that he will be allowed to have even more influence in future installments.
  4. This looks to be fine. According to the wiki, you need 22 assist from your party for a +7 .
  5. Yeah, I noticed that as well. That option came as a surprise to me as it was not evident at all based on the dialogue with the Faces. However, why do you say that they went on murder rampage? Is it perhaps described in the ending slides (coz if it is then it's fine, as I did not retake Ukaizo - I'm waiting for the 3rd DLC) or did I miss it somehow?
  6. Pay attention to the stacking rules as explained in the mechanics. If you have active/modal abilities (consumables fall into this category as well) that increase certain attributes, only the best upgrade is taken into consideration. For sure you shouldn't see +5 accuracy from both potions but at most from one. It could be from none if you have a third active/modal ability that also gives you at least +5 accuracy (like paladin zealous focus).
  7. As per my tests it does scale with PL but I don't know the exact formula. Every time the character is hit a side unbending effect is applied (has the same name but it's different). This side unbending effect heals at every tick. Now the heal per tick does not seem to scale with PL or Might but looks to be dependent on the damage received: DmgReceived*0.33*0.6 (for unbending trunk). However, the length of this side unbending effect scales with PL. At PL 7 I was seeing a duration of 5.6s irrespective of the damage dealt. This should be the default duration as the unbending trunk is also a martial ability of level 7. Also the intelligence of my character was at 10 (not sure yet if intelligence affects the duration of this side unbending effect). I am wondering though, why this weird default value. With the same character, at PL 9 I was seeing a duration of 6.2s. So, I guess it's roughly a 5% increase in length per PL (neglecting errors due to roundings as displayed in the various interfaces). Interesting that Might does not seem to have an effect whatsoever. Later edit: Intelligence does also affect the length of the side unbending effect together with PL. It 's again roughly 5% per attribute point. So, to sum up, I think we have something like this for unbending trunk: Health_per_Tick=Received_Dmg*0.33*0.6; Duration_of_Healing=5.6s*[1+0.05*(Intelligence-10)]*[1+0.05*(PL-7)]
  8. The big question was not with respect to destroying the wheel (which all endings get) but to the specific capability of Eothas to destroy the whole Eora in the bad ending. This brings the further question of whether the other gods have this power as well and if not why? If the other gods also have this power then the justification for Rymrgand not using it but taking his time is a bit to say the least. I really hope it's more than that and I proposed a possible explanation. I was just wondering if there are other suppositions (or facts) on this matter.
  9. Yeah, I would like to see this resolved as soon as possible as well. It's one of those things that doesn't look like a big thing but which enforces the impression that the game did not get to the level of maturity to be considered a polished game. PS: please do something with the description of Armored Grace as it has nothing to do with the actual effect of the ability (same for the pets that have the identical effect)
  10. When dual wielding Grave Calling with another open, the freezing lash gets applied to both of them. I know that there has been a history of this bug happening with other weapons in the past but I know that some of the occurrences have been fixed (for example Modwyr). As of patch 3.0 this still happens with Grave Calling, so not sure if this is intended or not. If intended the description of the ability should be updated to differentiate it from the other cases (like the example I provided with Modwyr).
  11. As of patch 3.0 I can confirm that while testing another ability of Scordeo's Edge, I was able to get more than 10 stacks of Adaptive.
  12. the person who wrote the first games story left the company, which probably had a bigger impact I don't think this is accurate if you are insinuating whar I think you are. First of all there was not a single person doing most of the stuff but there were several narrative designers, so it's kind of wrong to single-out someone. But if you want to do it anyway then I guess the best pick is the lead narrative designer for PoE 1 and that was Eric Fenstermaker. I think it is known that his pitch for the story-line won the internal competition and thus he was elected the lead narrative designer. Although Eric is no longer a full-time employee for Obsidian for some time, he participated in the Deadfire project (but obviously not as lead anymore).
  13. Back in patch 2.1 full-attack type of martial abilities have been scaled down when dual-wielding (each weapon attack has a -35% dmg modifier). I've noticed that this does not apply to the full attacks triggered by Barbaric Retaliation. Most likely this happens because of the nature of the ability: it's not the player that activates the ability but it gets triggered automatically. Somehow the piece of code that was implemented for the nerf did not take into account this possibility. I did not notice any problems with the full attack abilities activated directly by the player. Correctly scaled down full-attack ability when activated by player: Non-scaled down full attack from Barbaric Retaliation:
  14. It seems that in the meantime Carnage has been upgraded: it now scales with 10% per PL. So the new formula is: (([base Weapon Damage] * [Might Damage Bonus]) * 0.33)(1 + (0.1 * PL)). When dual-wielding, the issue with it taking into account only the main-hand weapon still remains.
  15. Thanks Taevyr for your input. I'm not saying that you are not right but unfortunately I fail to understand the sense of it. To be frank, the way you put it does not change the doubts I had but just rephrases the questions. So if your point were to be true, why is Eothas' outlook so impactful on the world of Eora? Can other gods infect it in the same way? In this case, given the nihilistic attitude of Rymgand, why doesn't he have the same effect on Eora already?
  16. I've seen that it is possible to make Eothas not only destroy the Wheel but also Eora itself. However this raises some questions. Do all gods possess the ability to destroy Eora? If all can do it then why doesn't Rymrgand already destroy everything? Another option is that not all gods are capable of performing this feat. But then why is Eothas such an uber-god? From the lore we know for sure that initially only Woedica was more powerful than the other gods, but this has changed since she was overthrown. Also from some other pieces of lore we know that Berath and Rymrgand are some of the more ancient deity figures. Does this mean that they are somehow more powerful and potentially in the same league with Eothas? By this logic this would also make Rymrgand capable of destroying Eora whenever he wishes to. On the other hand, if Eothas is the only one capable of this feat, why and since when has he become this uber-god? The only speculation that I can come with and that would explain it somehow is the following. Probably all gods have the power to destroy Eora but only if they have a physical manifestation in the Here. Out of the 11 gods, 10 of them would not resort to this utter destruction simply because they value at least their own existence or it's against their philosophy. Rymrgand though, could have done it since this is his philosophy. Probably the other gods made a coalition and stopped him by destroying his physical manifestation from the Here. So maybe his is the second of the 3 skeletons that is missing from Ukaizo (the other being of Abydon). After the death of Abydon's manifestation from the Here, the other Gods reached a consensus and decided to voluntarily give up their physical manifestation in the Here so that they can no longer be able to perform feats of massive destruction on Eora. Did anyone figured this stuff out (at least partially)?
  17. Hi SChin, Any update on this? As of patch 3.0 this has not been solved and his bug is present since the very beginning. I was wondering whether you could raise awareness of it and make it one of the priority bugs to be solved. If this approach of positioning correctly different small information windows is unsolvable, maybe you can change the approach. Like having a single fixed window but make it clickable and with a scroll bar. Or any other way your interface designers know as an alternative. I know that the solution you try to implement is fancier as it allows to see everything by just pressing one button but in the end a solution that works is always better than one that is fancier but is difficult to implement properly.
  18. Due to the problem I've mentioned in another thread, I tried to alleviate the problem by choosing a non-default Interface layout. Unfortunately the other layouts are kind of bugged. I will take them one-by-one: Layout 2: This is even worse than the bug I was mentioning in the thread above as now the combat log is overlapping with the character information window. Also the "Game Paused" message overlaps with the no "frequently used abilities" bar. Layout 3: This was my choice made to solve the problems I've mentioned with the default interface. However this option does no eliminate the problem but just makes less bad. As you can see, with long enough list of effects, you still get overlapped with the HUD Interface But this layout comes with its new problem related to the the HUD Interface, more precisely the abilities bar, now overlapping with the combat log Layout 4 and Layout 5 Do they even make sense with the combat log in the middle of the screen? I guess that for people that just click and don't follow the combat (having it reduced to almost 0) it makes sense. Having a combat long more than 3-4 lines of text is not an option in these 2 layouts. Layout 6: Is as bad as layout 2. Given that the support we've seen on these graphical interface problems is very limited, I would kindly ask the developers whether they can focus somehow to fix the default interface layout and other associated graphical bugs ditching the other layouts. Instead of providing 6 flawed and bugged options, having a single workable one is always better.
  19. This is quite a serious bug that has been here for a long time (still present in 3.0). If during battle one hovers over a character (friend or foe), a window appears which displays the stats and the current effects (beneficial or hostile). The problem comes from the fact that when the list of effects is long enough, and this happens quite a lot given the nature of this game and its mechanics, this in-battle information window gets overlayed by the games HUD interface and becomes unreadable. The outcome should be reversed, the information window should be at the top level, with the HUD interface below. If this is not possible than a different solution should be adopted. I'm not an expert on this but a solution I've seen in other games is to make this information window fixed in size but make it clickable and with a scroll bar. Below are some examples of this graphical bug. For an ally: For an enemy:
  20. The bug area is full, just yesterday I bumped the threads for the bugs I reported back in June and not fixed as of 3.0. This is of course subject to individual opinion, the most important to me are: the game runs worse on my rig compared to 1.x versions even though it was presumably optimized in the meantime, characters become transparent in fights (all my SSS arena fights had my character become transparent), abilities becoming permanent (especially paladin auras and pet party effects, I have 2 of these in my current party), loosing abilities at retraining, the fact that penetration is applied inconsistently to lash dmg attacks with respect to how it's done in normal attacks, items becoming bricked (to me it happened only to regular items but people reported some unique items becoming bricked), the fact that martial abilities scale with Power Level but this is nowhere documented nor referenced by the developers, the way GUI is done to display detailed in-fight information with pieces of text colliding with other pieces of text resulting in a total mess, changing the default interface to some other available setup renders it unusable due to the same issue with text/icons collisions.
  21. The way things are right now is kind of illogical to me, as for example some parts of the martial abilities scale with Power Level (albeit under the hood with 0 documentation) some parts don't. If we take for example Confounding Blind we do get a scaling in the most unexpected place: rolled weapon dmg (which should be the only constant in the whole formula, the root of everything). But at the same time we don't get a scaling with Power Level of something more logical like the bonus dmg the ability does (if I'm not mistaken the +25% dmg remains the same no matter the Power Level). The same for other martial abilities that have bonus penetration or accuracy, I don't think they scale. For the rolled weapon dmg scaling, if I understood correctly the thread that discussed this mechanics, under the hood it is actually treated like a dmg modifier applied multiplicatively. So why not represent this separately from the rolled dmg? We even have a very good GUI solution for representing this scenario as we can reuse the way Penetration was represented in the last iteration of the Beta (in that last build penetration was the only dmg modifier that was still applied multiplicatively). Also why not scale the bonuses instead of the rolled dmg? And why not update all the martial abilities tooltips to include the scaling with Power Level the same way as spells do?
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