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  1. When back in 2017 I heard of multiclassing in the then upcoming PoE2, I wanted to combine my two favorite classes in the game: Cipher and Paladin. I thought the synergy between the two would be monstrous: Faith and Conviction and the defensive arsenal of the Paladin would make a squishy Cipher more than capable to dish out all the damage possible without dying. At the same time, Cipher has renewable resources, so, yay, great for solo. You never wanna run out of fire. In my first playthrough, I didn't go solo, and because of the tooltip warning against multiclass, I opted for pure Cipher. By the time I did multiple playthroughs to know the game better, Paladin got nerfed to death: - increased cost to Greater Lay on Hands - 100% to 25% Virtous Triumph proc chance - FoD nerfs left and right In light of these changes, I deemed any Paladin tank build inferior to any Fighter multiclass, having Unbending become better compared to GLoH, and not having "infinite resources" by killing enemies anymore. Boy, was I wrong. Cipher, that to many is considered one of the most boring and underpowered classes - and the rationale behind their opinion escapes me, having this class access to all types of affliction and a whopping 300+ raw damage nuke - got nerfed, most notably with: - Body Attunement from -4/+4 to -2/+2 armor - Borrowed Instinct (literally single best spell in the game) from 30s base duration to 20s. - Time Parasite from -50% to -25% (note: this is one of the few way that allowed to achieve ~0s recovery at lvl 20) I recently decided to prove myself wrong, and tried an Inquisitor. I've always been a great fan of the Ascended, which for many (party, mostly) builds is insanely good, thanks to its ability to get max focus and then spam the best single target nuke in the game on literally everyone. Alas, Ascend got nerfed, too (from 20s to 12s base duration). What was I left with? Base class, meh. Beguiler, definitely not good for non-Rogue multiclass. And Soulblade. The latter can be surprisingly good when combined with Whispers of the Endless Path, as one can Soul Strike on multiple targets, recover focus at the same time by hitting the secondary ones, thus never actually being starved of focus. The counterattack on top, allows you to keep focus high. I would like to say that this is the best weapon for this build, but what I discovered by going through all the SSS challenges, is that it is not. The best weapon for a character with all the afflictions, with high defenses but excelling in none of them (compared to Tricksters, Skaen Priest, Wizards) is versatility. This build will not point out (except for a few slots) a fixed equipment. What we aim to achieve is the best Armor against every encounter. Therefore, we will focus on boosting Armor. Similarly, the other side of the coin is having good Penetration alongside with it. We plan to have a versatile arsenal. And since we decided that versatility is the name of the game, we will save all the unnecessary ability points from the Paladin tree, and invest them to get the Cipher spells that really matter. THE RACE THE BACKGROUND THE STATS THE SUBCLASSES THE ABILITIES THE EQUIPMENT To be continued... https://goo.gl/Eq12FG (soon)
  2. Shame there is literally 3 vithracks in Deadfire Me neither—I really like Vithracks
  3. TBF any class can kill the Queen solo. My current strategy is to wait for her to cast the scream ability, then I use the bottleneck at the bottom of the map to "block" her with some spiders. Queen gets stuck, I kill all the spiders except those blocking her, get her low enough, kill her with ranged weapon with enough penetration (razor skewers, ring of the marksman, high enchantment level). The only caveat is having enough regeneration and armor to tank the spiders, 14 piercing with a ring of greater regeneration is more than enough. Alas, this can be achieved for most classes/ with potions.
  4. Actually since last hotfix came out, all the random encounters are not triggering in Neketaka (the skuldrak ambush, the figurine ambush, the fire, etc.). Could this be related?
  5. Izzia doesn't get stuck anymore, but her conversation still refers to an encounter with some assassins that nobody so far seems to have had. Furthermore, she seems to not be able to forge the item I think she's supposed to forge (which I assume is that crown already available in the game files). Probably still bugged.
  6. I checked the game data and I see what you are hinting at. Should we mention this to the devs?
  7. Alrite, has anyone figured out what the hell she's after? For now she seems to react to the Nerysclias' Skull and the Tooth of Tomowai. But she's still not satisfied. I think I have tried to interact with her in every playthrough I have so far, some of them where I did all the quests/ got most of the items in the game, yet she still says she's looking for "unusual metals". Am I missing something or is it something that will be be part of the future DLC? Or is it some backer exclusive content?
  8. ***Had Some dev realised that and nerfed it to the currrent version of chage, even though the change wasn't reported in the patch notes. RIP shiny overpowered boots.
  9. I believe you are not being given that option in the Crucible fights. Will try to figure out what went wrong next playthrough, I guess. Btw: do you remember which challenge was it?
  10. Is the Kahako Nihi bugged for anyone else? I "receive" it at the end of the associated crucible fight (can't remember which) and then it's not in my inventory. Done that fight 3 times, reloaded and tried to pick the drops individually rather than "Take all and continue". Nothing worked. Did anyone actually receive this armour?
  11. Is the Kahako Nihi bugged for anyone else? I "receive" it at the end of the associated crucible fight (can't remember which) and then it's not in my inventory. Done that fight 3 times, reloaded and tried to pick the drops individually rather than "Take all and continue". Nothing worked. Did anyone actually receive this armour?
  12. I'm pretty sure that's rather impossible for some of the challenges, e.g. the Library Imp one ("In defense of the written word" I believe?), unless someone can find a way to outheal a non dispellable 60 raw damage /3s with no save for about 10 minutes worth of fight
  13. Yeah sorry that was a bad typo from a copy and paste. I think Determination is the best call here, and One Stands Alone at 7 over Bloodlust would be my call. But it's anyone's call.
  14. I had to kick Xoti out cause the game had become boring with this. Add barring death door on top.
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