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  1. Would a Fury Shaper be the better option then compared to a no sub class? It could potentially provide a bit of a boost.
  2. Thank you for answers! SC Barbarian sounds like something I should go for. I'd wish to additionally ask what is the suggested stat spread for such character? Like max MIG, CON and high PER? How much of an impact does the race have? Also regarding the subclasses I see that the Berserker will deal more damage. I am somewhat aware of the methods for removing the confusion (like having the sword Modwyr) but wouldn't I be killing myself faster than than the enemies on high levels if the self damage scales? Is it still the recommended subclass for a single class Barbarian?
  3. Hey all forum members! I recently finished my first complete playthrough of the first Pillars game with all the dlc and my class was a dual sabre wielding fighter and had a really good time. For the sequel I'd wish to mix things up a bit and go for some kind of barbarian. I want to be able to smack enemies in melee with some AoE so I have been looking into the single class barbarian and the multiclass brute (berserker/devoted) but I really can't picture how different the two are. It seems there has been discussion about the single/multiclass but what is the consensus no
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