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  1. Yeah, once as a Beckoner back before the great nerfing, and my current run with a mc Ghost Heart/Troubadour (potd triple crown, just hit lvl 14). Ghost Heart gives an instant summon if needed and you've spent phrases on non-summon invocations and no pet when you don't want to deal with it lol. I play it as a ranged caster/summoner/pew pew. Early I just focused on summons and let my Herald take care of paralyze spamming, ~lvl10-13 the good ranged invocations start to open up and it gets a lot more interesting to play. I went with bows just for flavor but any sort of ranged weapon options work. For stats I dumped constitution and resolve, maxed dexterity/perception/might and put whatever was left into intelligence. Beckoner would work if you just want to summon as you can cast them right at the start of a fight most of the time anyway, otherwise Troubadour is generally better. Despite the Beckoner nerfs people tend to underestimate the power of summoning 6 of the sword things right on top of a squishy priority target like a caster. But in general Wildrhymer is ok...nothing earth shattering or highlight vid worthy but dependable ranged support and decent dps. I don't know about solo though, I never really considered it with this build. That’s a shame, seemed like it might be alright.
  2. I'm going for a SC troubadour. Thoughts? Curious to hear about this myself. I did 1/2 a solo upscaled PotD run with a single class Troubador, focused on empowered Old Nary’s and Summons, and found it painful going. Even with a large shield and heavy armor, I felt very squishy, and could quickly get taken down if I couldn’t get my summons up in time. Also, I felt like in fights against kith targets I was constantly getting interrupted. (I know you can use an item and carry an injury around to avoid this, but I was trying to avoid that style of play...) Not sure whether I just needed to invest a lot more in defensive stats (I had an 8 Res and 8 Con), or whether I should have been using a lot more consumables, or whether I was just playing things poorly. But while I found it to be pretty fun when everything worked out right, there were a number of fights where things wouldn’t. Overall, it felt much more finicky, fragile, and beholden to RNG than (say) my Holy Slayer. This . My experience with the chanter class is exactly that. I feel like it can be so much more though...
  3. I'm going for a SC troubadour. Thoughts? Good pick in my opinion. any suggestion on stats distribution? i went with high PER yet again. was wondering if PER benefits spell accuracy at all? I would max INT & PER to begin. Maybe MIG next for healing chants, not sure DEX is needed since (I think) all chanter spells take 6 seconds to cast. I’m no expert in chanters though. In fact I’m testing out some builds myself
  4. Okay true. I guess the times I’ve tried summons hasn’t been overly fun for me. I have rolled a chanter maybe 7-8 times only to feel it as underwhelming. I know it is possible to have a chanter that hits like a truck and stands like a brick wall, I just don’t know how to achieve that.
  5. So after several play-throughs solo, I'm finally back to Chanter. This class just seems like it will be best suited for solo play and clearing ALL game content. I think that I have a lack of understanding on the class to make it truely viable for me. I'm hoping the community can help out. What are your recommendations for a solo PoTD run with a chanter (be it single or multi-class), with minimal micro?
  6. Just wanted to give an update to this build (for those interested). I'm mostly complete a play-through of the base game (heading into DLC soon). Looks like this build is good to solo anything from Nemnok to Fampyrs Crypt to all ship battles to Outcast Respite to Flooded Cave. I've had an attempt (all be it unprepared) at Mega Bosses, I'm not certain I will be able to beat them. If it is between the spider or blob, I'd probably have a better chance with the blob. I had it at 50% at level 15. I can't help but feel that melee builds in this game are outclassed by their arcane counterparts. I'm most disappointed in the Mega Bosses, where a wizard would be able to destroy them, a Melee class is left attacking with a pillow. Some fights are touch and go, and you HAVE to make sure you've taken them drugs before you start. All in all, I use avenging storm from Heaven's Canopy fairly rarely as it isn't needed 90% of the time. u/ Boeroer was correct Finishing Blow/Devastating Blow, are pretty much not need in this build. Crippling strike does the majority of your damage in almost any encounter. Its an absolutely amazing ability. So there are 2 free skill points for whatever. Soul mirror turned out to be the balls. Reflecting a huge amount of ranged attacks in almost any encounter. Escape has been the number 1 ability I tend to use. Its what gets you to those back line DD, which tend to be pretty squishy. Most front-liners cannot toe to toe this build. So making sure the passive damage from the back line is gone pretty much secures you every battle. Depending on the boss you are fighting its almost easier to take out all the adds first and kite the boss, while DoC heals you. Other fights like the Lich from Flooded Cave, require you focus the boss first.
  7. You could give my Goldpact/Devoted a try as well. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/105898-class-build-bloodsail-the-pirate-paladin/ Build #2
  8. Gotta say I notice a huge spike during my most recent run with my solo Shadowdancer. Just dinged level 15 and was mopping the floor with that group bounty you get in Radiant Court (quest name escapes me). Anyways, I was on the last one at lifters refuge. I must have reloaded 10 different times. I couldn’t figure it out, I was losing so badly, where just the previous day I had smashed my way through.
  9. Yup; exactly. But I've been slotting it in reflexively, because so many Fighter or Fighter multi-class builds have it. So I thought it was an awesome, "required" type of skill. Funny I’m the exact opposite. I feel like the cost is to much for a skill point I could use elsewhere. Refreshing Defense for example.
  10. What is the benifit of maxing PL? Are we just talking increased DPS, or does it include everything from buff time to ability duration? What is the difference per PL? Is it viable to build a solo character around MAX PL?
  11. Then they missed out on all the dialogue options.I think a lot of people preferred to wreck house in combat instead. That’s my preferred option
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