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  1. from wiki page description it look quite interesting. I obtain it, but from my test it do nothing special. Anyone know something about it ?
  2. Did someone tested this new chanter subclass PL ? it's universal ? from my test it do nothing :/
  3. Gloves give +1evoker PL - just tested Aanyway You are right - wizzard evoker max possible PL is higher than Druid. So evoker fire spell can get max possible PL - topic solved
  4. "it seems like from attack, my evoker combination is the best you can do (+16 PL)." +16 PL for evoker ? without mods ?
  5. just take down this megaboss - in my opinion this fight is more interesting than spiderqueen. Ooze can take down our resist spells, so it's finally fun fight that require some tactics.
  6. After some test : Brilliant and amulet of power DO NOT stack There is a new item from SPOILER New megaboss that give ally +4PL, but i play only solo, so i cannot use it... It seems that we can get biggest possible PL from: Attack = Druid Venombloom/Plague of insect spell : Armor +2 poison PL Weapon + 3 those 2 skills PL Rest as mentioned above Defense/Healing = Druid Pollen Patch: As mentioned above
  7. hmm i always check this PL via spell dmg, and it seems that PL stack for cipher jus as i wrote: +3 death godlike near death status also we gain +20% of damage from second death godlike adventake - so +3PL +20%dmg +3 ascendent +2 weapon - 2 handed spear from bounty give +2pl every time we are using effect of plant spells, spear activate woodskin at 50% so we trigger +2pl +2 potion - not 100% sure if stack with brilliance, check it later +1prestige feat +1 brilliant - when cast at us from other cipher or, by activate brilliant cloack +1 amulet pl seems to stack with all So it's +13 for all cipher spells
  8. I have some min-max question What is the highest + Pl you guys get? From my testing its +13 for cipher +3 death godlike +3 ascendent +2 weapon +2 potion +1prestige feat +1 brilliant +1 amulet is higher possible ?
  9. - Larger version increases area of effect by ~30-40% and reduces PL of the spell by 5, bonus area is "foe only" (only the second targeting circle is increased) - Smaller version reduces area by ~40-50% and increases PL of spell by 1, also removes safe zone from Intellect and makes the area "friend-or-foe only" (except "foe-only" spells) OMG 5 PL O_o ?! -5 is when we roll to full or when we roll any above standard ? Generaly i like this new feature, but - 5 pl is quite harsh
  10. The Crucible Changeling's dance is quite interesting fight. How did you guys win here?
  11. new dlc arena fight are quite difficult, and i'm happy about that. I would like to play solo. Usually mage/skaen take down all quite easy, but there is one fight that we cannot use any abilities. What class do you guys recomend here ? Does chanter chant will work as "no ability" Sorry, wrong forum part :/
  12. https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Effigy%27s_Husk Contempt - 50% chance to attack enemy with random Affliction for 12 sec when critically hit in melee - tried many times - do not work https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Blackened_Plate_Armor Contemepnt in Pain ability - description show ~8raw dmg, it deal around 4 dmg, tested at 5 random enemies - dmg is too low, it's probably bug https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Tuotilo%27s_Palm Outward Spikes 20% Chance on being missed by a Melee attack to strike back instantly - do not work, tested milion times Citzal's Enchanted Armory casting this spell prevent to cast any other weapon summon. When we cast lvl8 bow, we can cast lvl 5 lance and other summon normally. Casting lvl 9 armory make other weapon summon grey. Any chance to fix this in the future ? For exapmle as far as i remember Tuotilo Palm ability is in this state from patch 1.0
  13. Deflection do not stack - right - so max 70 to deflection +20 rest, duration can infinity if brilliant from cloack trigger (and since it trigger from self damage, it can be cast often). Escape at the fight start + salvation of time give more than 20 sec. As for rogue higher dmg - same as above, if brilliant trigger, we can get infnity finishing blow with high aoe from lance that also trigger avenging storm from scroll/helmet As for ranged - right, my mistake, blackbow cannot be obtain multiclass
  14. 1. Best tanks: mage/cleric of skaen - can get total of 120 deflection (50 escape +50 veil +20 safeguard) and can increase buff duration with salvation of time (if we get brilliant cloack proc, we can do this until infinity) 2. Best melee DPS: mage/cleric of skaen - citzal spirit lance+finishing blow from skaen spells - high dmg aoe in melee 3. Best ranged DPS: mage/cleric of skaen - calbedan bow have high dmg, mage have +speed spells, cleric finishing blow for more dmg also any class + assasin - Arterial Strike is one of the best skill in case of dmg, if we hit enemy from distance, it cane take him down 1shot when he start to run 4. Best support: mage/cleric or cleric/cipher
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