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  1. from wiki page description it look quite interesting. I obtain it, but from my test it do nothing special. Anyone know something about it ?
  2. Did someone tested this new chanter subclass PL ? it's universal ? from my test it do nothing :/
  3. Gloves give +1evoker PL - just tested Aanyway You are right - wizzard evoker max possible PL is higher than Druid. So evoker fire spell can get max possible PL - topic solved
  4. "it seems like from attack, my evoker combination is the best you can do (+16 PL)." +16 PL for evoker ? without mods ?
  5. just take down this megaboss - in my opinion this fight is more interesting than spiderqueen. Ooze can take down our resist spells, so it's finally fun fight that require some tactics.
  6. After some test : Brilliant and amulet of power DO NOT stack There is a new item from SPOILER New megaboss that give ally +4PL, but i play only solo, so i cannot use it... It seems that we can get biggest possible PL from: Attack = Druid Venombloom/Plague of insect spell : Armor +2 poison PL Weapon + 3 those 2 skills PL Rest as mentioned above Defense/Healing = Druid Pollen Patch: As mentioned above
  7. hmm i always check this PL via spell dmg, and it seems that PL stack for cipher jus as i wrote: +3 death godlike near death status also we gain +20% of damage from second death godlike adventake - so +3PL +20%dmg +3 ascendent +2 weapon - 2 handed spear from bounty give +2pl every time we are using effect of plant spells, spear activate woodskin at 50% so we trigger +2pl +2 potion - not 100% sure if stack with brilliance, check it later +1prestige feat +1 brilliant - when cast at us from other cipher or, by activate brilliant cloack +1 amulet pl seems to stack with all So it's +13 for all cip
  8. I have some min-max question What is the highest + Pl you guys get? From my testing its +13 for cipher +3 death godlike +3 ascendent +2 weapon +2 potion +1prestige feat +1 brilliant +1 amulet is higher possible ?
  9. - Larger version increases area of effect by ~30-40% and reduces PL of the spell by 5, bonus area is "foe only" (only the second targeting circle is increased) - Smaller version reduces area by ~40-50% and increases PL of spell by 1, also removes safe zone from Intellect and makes the area "friend-or-foe only" (except "foe-only" spells) OMG 5 PL O_o ?! -5 is when we roll to full or when we roll any above standard ? Generaly i like this new feature, but - 5 pl is quite harsh
  10. The Crucible Changeling's dance is quite interesting fight. How did you guys win here?
  11. new dlc arena fight are quite difficult, and i'm happy about that. I would like to play solo. Usually mage/skaen take down all quite easy, but there is one fight that we cannot use any abilities. What class do you guys recomend here ? Does chanter chant will work as "no ability" Sorry, wrong forum part :/
  12. https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Effigy%27s_Husk Contempt - 50% chance to attack enemy with random Affliction for 12 sec when critically hit in melee - tried many times - do not work https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Blackened_Plate_Armor Contemepnt in Pain ability - description show ~8raw dmg, it deal around 4 dmg, tested at 5 random enemies - dmg is too low, it's probably bug https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Tuotilo%27s_Palm Outward Spikes 20% Chance on being missed by a Melee attack to strike back instantly - do not work, tested milion times Citzal's Encha
  13. Deflection do not stack - right - so max 70 to deflection +20 rest, duration can infinity if brilliant from cloack trigger (and since it trigger from self damage, it can be cast often). Escape at the fight start + salvation of time give more than 20 sec. As for rogue higher dmg - same as above, if brilliant trigger, we can get infnity finishing blow with high aoe from lance that also trigger avenging storm from scroll/helmet As for ranged - right, my mistake, blackbow cannot be obtain multiclass
  14. 1. Best tanks: mage/cleric of skaen - can get total of 120 deflection (50 escape +50 veil +20 safeguard) and can increase buff duration with salvation of time (if we get brilliant cloack proc, we can do this until infinity) 2. Best melee DPS: mage/cleric of skaen - citzal spirit lance+finishing blow from skaen spells - high dmg aoe in melee 3. Best ranged DPS: mage/cleric of skaen - calbedan bow have high dmg, mage have +speed spells, cleric finishing blow for more dmg also any class + assasin - Arterial Strike is one of the best skill in case of dmg, if we hit enemy from distance, it
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