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  1. Thank you. 'Tis nice to get feedback. Uh oh, I hope not. Building a great first impression here, spoiling a favourite secret. (Well, to be fair, Brilliant Inspiration is the bah-roken part of this thing, and how it just gives totally unlimited spellspam to slot casters. Probably needs fixin' anyways.)
  2. First time poster here! So, I've been enjoying the game, and playing an Ascendant Cipher has been fun, but the duration for the ├╝bermode always feels just too short, doesn't it? Even if you can use the Salvation of Time to make it last a bit longer. (And to be honest, one Ascension is plenty against the vast majority of fights.) Now, I ran into the actual gimmick once I hit level 13 on the Cipher and got Ancestor's Memory. I discovered that the Brilliant Inspiration is busted when a slot caster class gets it. The fun here really begins when a friendly Priest gets it, and can from then on
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