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  1. So I'm not TOTALLY in love with the grimoire thing where if I want a specific good spell I have to take in total the grimoire that has it. Each one seems to have one or two spells that I REALLY REALLY like and are REALLY rare. So my question is, if i cast the two level 6 spells in one book, then combat swap to another book, do I get to cast the level 6 spells from that one now? Or are my level 6 casts done, and I have to use the OTHER spell slots up? Meaning i could cast spells from 4 different grimoires, just not all the same spell level since I only have so many casts per rest? Or
  2. I get whys he left, but it IS frustrating ot have her all kitted out and part of my party comp and now I have to do the last DLC without her Ugh. But yeah, is there a fix for this? Or is she now a new World Mega Boss?
  3. So I load up my game in order to explore Lost Sanctum! IMMEDIATELY Pallegina, my fully leveled up and crux part of my party leaves. I mean, I get WHY she left, but why do I automatically lose her as a character with no recourse....and all her stuff?!So I'm frustrated, but then look at my map...Pallegina is listed as an item on the map. Maybe I can save her! I sail over, get the Llengrath event..sail on......and she's literally standing right there in the water. Just chillin out in 600 feet of deep sea salt water. Is this intended? Is it designed to taunt me into some kind of reaction,
  4. Thats too bad. I enjoyed the game, but there isn't a lot of deep content this time around, at least not yet.
  5. Is there anything like the Endless Trials where I can try harder fights after getting to max level? I find myself without any real challenges once I hit level 17 or so. Only 2 dragons? No high end bounties, no high end dungeons with super nice treasure?
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