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  1. The lore books are written from an in-universe perspective and that of an outsider to boot. Beast of Winter gives us a chance to converse with the parties involved first hand and get a look at how it actually happened thanks to the Watcher gifts. It's not necessarily contradicting, you just have to realize that the stories told about events and the events themselves are not necessarily the same. I mean, in a broader sense, the Pillars story is about identities and the factors that shape them. Engwithans imposed a new order, a new identity through their religion. This order lasted for a time, upheld by the Leaden Key and the structures of power that dominated them, but as humanity develops and wants to forge a new one, the gods struggle to reconcile humanity slowly learning to exist without them and their own centuries-old identity as divine beings essential to the world. So Eothas wants to force the gods and mortals to reconsider and reevaluate their role in the grand scheme of things. He wants to give them the tools to build a new identity, but realizes that he is still clinging to the old notions of godhood and relationship with humanity, so he allows himself to be (apparently) killed, creating a new myth. I'm kind of rambling here, I need to refine this thought. I guess that is one interpretation, but you could easily just say that this is a clear retcon.
  2. The problem is though, that the information that is given in the lorebook of PoE I & 2, sets the event of prior to Saint's war, and the war itself, as a fanatical holy war campaign. Plus, wasn't it the dawnstars that visited Waidwen first? And not Eothas himself. According to BoW, it isn't so. Plus, Eothas says that Woedica's past in PoE II is made up. It's a bit messy tbh.
  3. "It's darker than ondra's **** in here" - gave me a laugh. In the old city, by that women who opens the doors for you.
  4. My only complaint with the main story line was that it was pretty short and the conversations with Eothas wasen't very fleshed out, in my opinion. I didn't mind not having to fight him.
  5. How so? I never went pro Woedica, but I thought she was always the queen *that was. * Iovara says in her dialogue in PoE 1 that Woedica was the "leader" of the gods, but she was cast down. Eothas in PoE 2 says that this story was fabricated. Unless, you want to propose an alternative interpretation, or introduce a unreliable narrative, I think it's a retcon.
  6. Aright, so Woedica's story about being "the Queen of gods" seems to have been retconned. That's disappointing.
  7. They aren't nescessarily"bad" for the Deadfire I think. They just won't be able to keep up with the Old empires and the former colonies. They will have to reform or they will be conquered. Sure, the Huana's "way of life" got some bad qualities to it, but not everything. Neketaka and the traditional way of Huana living dosen't seem to work tho.
  8. I don't think the companions in this game are bland. They are quite good. Tekehu's voice acting and character is the most interesting IMO. Serafen took a while to "get used to" for me, but I prefer Hiravias much, much more. With Maia, it feels like some stuff is missing, especially with the interaction with Hylea and Ishiza. Xoti is great. The companions that carried over are just as good - if not better IMO.
  9. The quest involving "Bakerna's Observatory" had some interesting implications about the moon's of Eora.
  10. The first game had lot's of stuff to read, and lot's of books. This game however, while we have stuff to read, there aren't that many books. A quick comparision on the discrepancy can be seen here: https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Books_and_documents I would like to see more lore in this game. While I do think there is a explanation for this, given the Huana's collapse of it's society, I wouldn't mind if we got more stuff to read in the DLC's. It dosen't require VO, just a writer's talent.
  11. I didn't mind the ending, I thought it quite good. It wasen't very fleshed out, sure, but it wasen't not bad, in my opinion. I would love to have the that longer conversation that Sawyer first intended, maybe they will add it again.
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