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  1. I chose Huana because they seemed to be the "right" choice out of the options. Honestly, the only choice for me. In a fantasy game, I get to let the native Huana keep their lands and advance naturally on their own (including re-acclimation of Ukaizo) rather than be over-run with outsiders and their own selfish desires. I also had to slaughter the RDC because I chose the druids in Sayuka, so Castol was in the clear. The ending slides, including improvements for the Roparu, made me very happy with my choice. For a while, it didn't seem like there was a "good guy" choice. There was.
  2. Considering I was sorely lacking in Sapphires, they came in very handy.
  3. I positioned myself a bit north of her, went stealth and killed her with one volley from my team. A few people were frightened with yellow circles and I lost minor rep with Port Maje but no one went hostile. Maia even helped kill her. If you're too close to the Dawnstars camp, they will go hostile, so save before you strike. Maia kind of pissed me off. Worked as an assassin (even if she did have misgivings) and yet her parting letter to me basically said I don't care about making the world better for others. I really thought I was going to like her because I loved Kana, but she's my least favorite of them all.
  4. He's okay as a pet, and has some funny lines, but talks WAY too often. Every few seconds gets a bit grating and I had to stash him.
  5. My problem is that I sold the one from the lich king in the flooded cave. No clue who I sold it to, and I read that merchants keep the items you sell to them but I've gone through several merchants that I sell gear to and none of them have anything I sold them.
  6. After some testing, this only seems to be a problem when I have copied the dagger into a second weapon slot on Mirke. If I only have it in one weapon slot as main or second hand, I have no issues. I went back to test on a previous save when I main had it soulbound as Priest. Copying it to a second weapon slot caused no issues that I could tell, but the only real melee ability I could test was Flames of Devotion. I tried both fully upgraded soulbound and before it was fully upgraded. Another aspect that may have caused the problem. I have the Fleshmender armor, which can be enchanted to give the wearer another weapon slot. I tried to equip a couple of flails in the 3rd slot and 3 times I opened up my inventory and the flails were shunted back into Mirke's personal inventory instead of equipped in the extra weapon slot given by the armor. Really, I have no clue what caused the issues, I've just found a way to work around them.
  7. I have that problem with Pallegina and Maia. I had finished a lot of secondary quests before I brought them in. The other companions were at level 2 reputation with my main, but nothing I say or do makes Pallegina or Maia like me. Maybe Serafen, Xoti, Eder and Tekehu are just easy because they like it when I'm snarky/clever. I don't care about Maia so much, but I really wanted Pallegina to warm up. Right now, they both just guard the ship.
  8. I first soulbound the Marux Amanth dagger to my Paladin/Priest main under PALADIN. I could not cast Flames of devotion. I severed and re-soulbound as PRIEST and did't have any problems. I severed the soulbind and re-soulbound on Mirke as Shadowdancer under ROGUE. I could not use rogue abilities or some monk abilities. When I was auto attacking, I could not see the dagger in my off-hand on Mirke's character. The only way I could use all abilities on Mirke was to single hand the dagger. I tried it in main hand and off hand, with sabre and dagger and stilleto as the 2nd weapon. It was mostly melee abilities I could not target, but I also could not cast the Rogue's Escape ability, which doesn't require a target. I could cast the Monk's Flagellants Path ability, which does require a target.
  9. So I finally got to Bakerna's Observatory and finished everything there, but I was kind of hoping Bakerna herself might show up. The diorama of an island on the first floor says there is a minuscule figure pacing around the tower. Could it be Bakerna shrunk herself into the diorama when the mercenaries and you-know-who showed up?
  10. Just a personal note on this. I used the Dagger as 2nd hand on my dual wielding Kind Wayfarer Paladin/Eothasian Priest (I know, I'm weird) and I bound the dagger to my Paladin but I was not able to cast Flames of Devotion when wielding it. I re-soulbound it to my priest and I was able to cast Flames of Devotion again. I don't know if it was the Corona of the Soul attribute that interfered with Flames of Devotion, or if there is some lore that hobbles Kind Wayfarer Paladins from utilizing the sacrificial (soul feeding) dagger to full effect, but I found that to be an interesting restriction. But kind of annoying because I almost never cast priest attack spells so the Echoes of Faith becomes fairly useless it would seem. Nevermind -it's not just Paladin. I am dual wielding on Mirke now and she cannot activate any rogue or monk spells. Going to check bugs forum.
  11. I agree with ThacoBell -I'd love any non-kith as well. Xaurip, Naga, Vithrak, Imp. But I love the Godlike unique looks and the Orlans, which are more unique than a lot of games have. Mammasaura, same with the shipmate you mentioned, as well as another one you get in Neketaka.
  12. There is a small tab on the left edge of the news screen to minimize it.
  13. I am by no means an expert, but... Killing the backer guys with the nameplates will cause a loss in reputation and/or attack by other nearby NPCs... if it is within a certain range. There are two backers in a small house in Gilded Vale. If you kill them while they are next to each other by the fire then you suffer reputation loss. If you wait until one walks over to the far wall, you do not lose reputation. One of these guys has some very interesting jester like clothes. I killed a couple outside, and 3 up on the 2nd floor of the Inn and every nearby NPC became hostile, even if my party was out of their sight. Of course, reputation loss as well. I think it works that if other NPCs can see them then they will go hostile also. Most of what I've read about Monks is that they are still going to use armor. Heavy armor if you re going to tank with him/her. They have to get hit to generate their wounds, which powers their attacks, but getting hit too hard is a death sentence. So you have to have ways to mitigate the incoming damage. I'm struggling with choosing a monk or chanter as my main character off tank. But again, from what I've read, I think I prefer the monks from BG games. I like the no armor and unarmed fighting... but in this game monks do not have handwraps or special weapons that count as unarmed that you can enchant, so their unarmed fighting suffers later in game.
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