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  1. Uh no I am not. Your just not thinking about it the way I am. When I walk through a fish market I'm not there to pick out wish fish I want to bang. Just imagine the fishy smell. And the slime. I don't need to find fish scales in awkward places. Sleeping with a Nature or a Fire Godlike (fire could be problematic) is OK. But in terms of a fish...an animal.....uh no, just no. And yes that includes Pallegina. I don't get turned on by the thought of seeing a chicken or a turkey. Or have this deep desire to contract Avian Flu . But at least she has a few things going for her: being pretty, no slime and does not smell.
  2. I cannot stand Tuna Man. OK. I will admit he is good in combat. Aside from that I cannot stand his whole, prideful naive personality. Its like nails on a chalkboard. And to make matters worse I recruit him and then seconds later he wants to bed me. Uh. No. Just the thought of my character sleeping with him ! (It really does make me want to toss-up my cookies). Last thing I need is to indulge in ichthyophile. I really do not get why people are like, "OMG! He is the best character!" To each their own I guess. But does anyone out there not like Mackerel Boy and/or get literately sick about the concept of having "relations" with him?!? (BTW: Props to the developers/writers for creating the first NPC in my 30+ years of gaming that literately makes me so damn queasy when he speaks to me/anyone about sex either directly or in-directly).
  3. Kept Defiant. Once I upgraded to the Junk ship, I named it, "Well, sh!t"
  4. Just started playing a few days ago and so far Eder seems the same. However, I am surprised Obsidian choose to bring romance into the game, but left Eder out in the cold. To be honest, the only companion I had any interest in romancing in PoE - if it ever came to be - was Eder. Now that PoE2 is here - as is romance -I weighed the other romance options and I am not interested. I'm simply not attracted to a can of tuna nor a a knock-off of the character Rogue from X-men or even a split soul-personality wizard. Since Eder is not among those to be romanced, my character will remain single.
  5. Im new at this and the blue/purple nature of colour threw me off completely. You can use it until someone else makes a better one OMG! Thank you!!! (showers you in cookies, virgins and hugs!)
  6. Can someone convert, please? Me and paint/gimp don't mix.
  7. Any companion I have is at full health. Remove he/she from the party. Then, no matter how long it has been, add said companion(s) back in the party and their health is no longer green but in the yellow. Have they been petting Itummaak, when I was not looking?!? Did some research and found out this bug happens on Story Mode. OK. I'm on Story Mode. However, it further states, that this bug was fixed in a patch. Uh. No. No, it has not. Or it was fixed for a brief time and has come back with a fiery vengeance. Anyone else getting this bug?
  8. First and Foremost, I did not use console commands. This of course is BETA and I am trying to test things the legitimate way. IF I had used console commands then the above post would never have been made. Furthermore, you are missing my point. I am all for the needs. My point was to structure them in such a fashion your not getting a long list of items of what is going on with the crew every 5mins or so. Once a week/month, in its own crew itinerary window would be fine. And finally, uses should be tallied weekly/monthly not daily. So? How hard is it to tally 1 week of needs at the end of the week? Not very hard. All it does it makes the system neat. (Shakes head) I'm not trying to "destroy" the system, I am simply trying to make the system better and less of a clustered mess.
  9. While there is a topic on, "Ship Combat," I wanted to turn attention to the needs of the crew. Now, I understand the crew needs stuff: food, water etc. But here is the issue: they are too needy. I pop in, get my crew what they need (which damn near ran me broke). So, I sail a little ways and what happens? A huge list of all the items the crew just used and now they are angry. I am on my way to do a quest and get more cash and all they are doing along the way is complaining. Its flashbacks to Fallout 4's settlement buildings- "We need this and that." Is this babysitting part 2? Daily wages? Check I can deal with it. But the rest of the stuff seems a bit too much so soon. So my suggestion would be as follows: Allow the player to purchase individual items for the crew ( as is now) but also allow the player to purchase items in bulk. Want a barrel of water? Check. Want a crate of rice? Check. Need a crate full of medical supplies? Check. Each barrel/crate holds 50 supplies. And since its in bulk, its cheaper then buying one at a time. Instead of accumulating food and water consumption everyday, allow it to be weekly or even monthly. I just don't need a report everyday that my ship mates ate some hardtack and drank some rum. Furthermore, allowing a weekly or monthly tally would give the player time to acquire gold to purchase the supplies needed. Why not toss in side-quests the player's companions can take part in off-screen. Such as, getting a quest opportunity to have one of your companions go raid a certain ship that is docked for goods etc . Between trying to pay for my groups needs and my ships needs, I was scrambling to get funds. Its too much dumped on the player at once. I am all for giving the player to more reasons to spend gold, but it should be done with some form of moderation. As of now, I feel like that parent constantly on a road trip yelling at the kids too, "Shut the heck up."
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