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  1. Hello! I'm doing my first playthrough of PoE1 and want to import a character to do PoE2 soon after. I was planning on selling Whispers of Yenwood but now I see its listed as a reagent for Whispers of the Endless Paths in PoE2. Do I need to keep it in my inventory the entire game in order to import it? Thanks!
  2. Hey Everyone! Been having a lot of fun tearing things up as a monk; I just hit level 5 and I'm torn on what my talent choices should be. So far I've picked The cone aoe double attack which is awesome and the 10 second knockback stun and I'm happy with those choices. I'm leaning on getting the stunning blow encounter power next but not sure if I should look into the attack speed buff or turning wheel. In my mind both of those seem not as good since holding onto wounds is way less dps then spending them on CC or DPS depending on the situation. My monk already attacks fast as it is so is 1.25
  3. Hi Guys! I'm currently looking for as much clothing and robes I can find for my monk to see if I can find a style that fits for my character, I'm finding a lot of a certain type of clothing but I see a lot of NPC's wearing stuff that I want. Is there a way I can find them without evilly murdering everyone I just want to look like? lol What about those stupid immersion breaking backers with yellow nameplates, can I kill them without penalty or will that count as an evil action? Thanks!
  4. Fists with dual wield weapon talent and the damage pen talent as well. Level 4. I heard that Monk fists scale with level so I assume I'm just not high enough level yet to see this?
  5. Hi Everyone! I've been really enjoying my Monk so far but I've noticed that against monsters with high DR my attacks hit for peanuts. Does this change as I level up or is it the weakness of the class? Cheers.
  6. The Ranger's Animal Companion should receive an Athletics bonus tied to the Ranger's own skill level. As most of us have already discovered - Athletics is the most useful skill in the game and every character benefits from at least one or two points so you can finish a dungeon without resting. The Ranger's Animal companion is fatigued from only a few hours however and I feel this should be looked at.
  7. Hey Guys! I've started playing a ranger and I'm struggling with my level 2 Talent choice. While I dont mind using the pet I feel like I should avoid the pet-buffing talents, and I'm unsure if +6 accuracy to my chosen weapon is worth it since Ranger's already have so much Accuracy. Are there any other worthwhile level 2 Ranger talents? What do you guys think? I'm leaning on getting +6 Solider Weapon focus. Cheers,
  8. I crash trying to get back into the Hold. Tried all exits and entrances.
  9. The pet's damage is not tabulated with the Ranger's damage. So the large number you are seeing could possibly be even larger.
  10. @Voss If you double click items instead of drag and dropping them it permanently disables several passive traits and abilities for that character... it depends on the type of character and race if you are impacted by it or not. I'd wager almost everyone is impacted to some degree unless you ALWAYS drag and drop. For NPC's removing them from the party and adding them again will fix it, for the PC there is no known solution as of yet.
  11. Hi guys! I took the biting whip talent at level 2, when I check my character sheet in combat it shows: "Biting Whip Damage x2.4" In combat however I do not see anything added to the damage calculation. Is it hidden? Is it affected by the double click bug most of us are plagued with? If anyone knows I'd appreciate it! Cheers,
  12. From my tests Pet damage most definitely does not show up as Ranger damage in the party/personal information section.
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