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  1. When trying to exit Raedric Hold castle, dungeon through the sewer, game crashes. Tried this 4x even after restarting my computer. Processor: Intel Core i7 CPU960 @ 3.20GHz Graphics: 2x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti RAM: 8 GB Windows 7
  2. When trying to exit Raedric Hold castle dungeon through the sewer game crashes. Tried this 4x even after restarting my computer. Processor: Intel Core i7 CPU960 @ 3.20GHz Graphics: 2x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti RAM: 8 GB
  3. Hey all, Been playing PofE of course and would like to say great game, beautifully done! Loving every minute, can’t stop playing. I was looking in the strategy guide and look up my in game item I created. I was disappointed to find out it was not as I requested. “Cat Whispers” is supposed to be a pair of boots with a +2 to stealth and a *bonus to movement*. Instead the boots (according to strat-guide) are just +2 to stealth and nothing more. Now I have to be honest I have not found the boots in the game yet so maybe it’s just a mistake in the strat-guide. Being a *Gold Backer* I feel it i
  4. I ended up picking "Leave it the way it is." but that's only because I've been playing that way and have become accustomed to it. Not because it is necessarily better. Ideally I'd like to see a IU system like in NWN2 where everything can be rearranged and the player can arrange it the way he likes it.
  5. That's just my suspicion. I suppose the more frequently you move through areas, the sooner the crashes will start. I also had the plan to go through the dungeon in one go, exctly for these reasons, but I couldn't make it. Maybe I should have moved all my loot to the stash and rested inside the dungeon. It's actually not that hard if you bring enough campsites. lol
  6. Yeah, the slider is a good idea! I like that. When in doubt let the player decide.
  7. Yeah, I noticed that with my BB Wizard, he wouldn't stop reloading his gun. Wasn't sure if it was a bug or a compulsive disorder.
  8. Maybe they should have the option for the circles to only appear in combat like in Baldur's Gate?
  9. Well it’s been my experience that you can only enter the dungeon so many times. It’s like the engine is not completely destroying the last instance or something and so the two separate but same instances are clashing or filling up the temp-memory causing game crash. …maybe. I was able to complete the dungeon only because I did the entire dungeon without leaving. I did do some testing to try and recreate the game crash that I had earlier when I thought it might have been caused by a 6th character. Here: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/69269-additional-sixth-character-causing-game-crash/ .
  10. Hey everybody! Just finished my run through of PofE Beta and found a few things that that I’d like to see changed. Just getting my 2 cents in. But first let me say what I liked about the Game in all fairness. I found the area’s to be stunning, full of color and finely detailed. The story line of the quest actually held my interest, nicely written. The animations though still need work are going in the right direction. Loving the wide variety of content items, treasure, monsters – oh my! And that PnP feel you have seemed to capture – genius! Now on to a few things that in my opinion I’d l
  11. Well I tried to recreate the bug without the 6th party member and it took a little while but I did it. So it is not the 6th party member but something different. ...strange.
  12. I'm running Windows 7 so probable not, hard to say. Don't know enough about operating systems to talk intelligently and I'll leave it at that. You say a new patch is coming out next week? Well maybe I'll just wait for that and see what happens.
  13. Just wondering but you think my problem and the one posted here: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/69260-osx-yosemite-1010-problems/?do=findComment&comment=1532790 are one in the same?
  14. Really? Interesting, I assumed it was the 6th character just because everything was working fine until I added the character. So you think it was a memory leak caused by one too many transitions? Let me test your theory by going back to one of my earlier saves and see what happens. BTW, thanks for the reply.
  15. Would be nice if we could name the pet. Make it a little more personal.
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