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  1. That is a ridiculous system, why is everything else measured in days? He is my only tank I cant really complete any quests without him. WTF
  2. I sent him on a quest in my strong hold is sais he will return on "turn"? 8. When the heck is turn 8, what do they mean by that? I have traveled all over the place and it has been days and days, When do I get him back?
  3. Dose any one know if the Enhanced versions of Baldur's Gate use the same engine as PoE?
  4. So I am at the end of this quest and we fin out the guy who gave it to us was part of the death of the people. All of the responses is the conversation options require some kind of stat, like might, resolve ect. So I am forced to let this known killer go because I do not have some arbitrary stat. This is horrible design. I understand that having specific stats can and should give you "extra" options, but should I be should horned into only one option for this quest as a penalty?
  5. I have not played a Barbarian yet but was thinking about a themed character. I was thinking about trying to build Ygritte from game of thrones. Any one have any thoughts on this?
  6. Are there any class lvl progression charts that show what each class get to choose from at which lvl and also like what talents they get at what lvl? This would help with character planning.
  7. So with a traditional pen and paper rpg I have all of the different options layed out before me. I can look over all of the class options and make decisions on how to best lvl my character. How am I supposed lvl my character with out full knowledge of all of the different options available to me? I am afraid to make decisions that I will regret later.
  8. I was wondering if when I level up and choose certain abilities will I still be able to choose from others I did not pick? Are the options you get to choose from lvl dependent, like after I level to level 2 will the options for level 3 be different? I am wondering if the things I do not choose disappear or can I potentially choose them later?
  9. So can rangers find new pets later in the game or are they stuck with the one they choose during creation?
  10. So from what I gather you can either focus on allowing your self to get hit, low defensive stats, and do damage or, you can focus on the defensive stats and go for a tank type build. The defensive stats being Constitution, Perception, and Resolve. What I did is I got 12 Might, 16 Constitution, 16 Dexterity, 12 Perception, 10 Int, and 12 Resolve. Did I screw my character?
  11. So where on the map is dead fire archipelago? Also where is the Aedyran Empire on the map? For role play purposes I want to make a character that is accurate with regards to setting history, geography ect and their race and background ect. But it is becoming difficult because the guide book mentions locations that are not on the map in the book. From what I can figure out there must be more to the maps than is in the book. Are there other continents not shown on any map any where?
  12. So I just received my copy of the guide book in the mail. It looks awesome. Reminds of me of a setting book for a table top rpg. I was wondering if there are plans for a volume 2? Also here is an idea, what about an actual POE table top rpg, like an entire setting for like Pathfinder rpg system or D&D 5e? Any one like this idea?
  13. So has any one heard if there are plans for expansions or Pillars 2? I know the game is not even released yet but it would be a shame not to continue the franchise like all the Baldurs gate, Incewind Dale games and Neverwinter games did. Any one have any thoughts on this?
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