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  1. This isn't about elves, its about making a height scaler/body type in character creation. Why does everything have to be about elves
  2. I don't understand in 2018 how they can't add such an option. It's even in the coding you can scale up character models by races.
  3. Can you do it for just your player character though and not the entire race?
  4. Can you do it for just your player character though and not the entire race?
  5. Hi, so I heard you can change a value in the files so your character is taller. Can someone tell me how I can change my human character to be taller? thanks
  6. Can we get an ogre party member in future DLC with a decent story line? Kind of disappointing they didn't do it with Pillars 2. Sure he might be very strong, but you can offset this my not letting him wear most armors etc, like it's done in many games. Anyone else enjoy out of the norm monster races as options?
  7. It is all but confirmed that ogre will be a playable race in POE2.
  8. The companions are really uninteresting and tacky compared to those from the BG series. I never felt any attachment to them like I did with those from BG. Also the voice acting is no where near on the same level as the BG series.
  9. Unfortunately they couldn't capture the same interesting characters and same level of writing as the BG series. But its a great CRPG for today's standards.
  10. Im playing on windows and no cloaks. They used to show up, but not anymore.
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